Jason McIntyre's debut novel, "On The Gathering Storm", is a story of fear, redemption and loss. But it's also a parable on the persistence of hope.

At 29, Hannah Garretty is pursuing her lifelong dream of being a paid photographer. But in a curl of circumstance, she's snatched from her bohemian life on the island and vanishes into a forest lair where unspeakable things have happened. . . and will continue to happen. 

As Hannah grapples with her captivity and the knowledge bestowed to her by a special gift, we catch a glimpse of her past life, before the abduction, through the lens of her childhood on the mainland and the last time she came face to face with her own mortality. The story is visceral and powerful, exploring the duality of our consuming lives versus our feeling lives, our purpose in being, and whether there is a scrap of light in anything as dark as Hannah's ordeal.

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"Completely unpredictable! Like something out of a Quentin Tarantino film, a memoir, and something so bizarre...out of the Twilight Zone.” - Jennifer Nessen

"[McIntyre] writes some of the most beautiful sentences being published today." - Vincent Zandri, author of "The Remains"


Sebastion Redfield is being hunted. A young man on the brink of true adulthood, Redfield experiences the trauma of his life when a trespasser breaks into his home. The psychiatrist assigned to help him recover from the break-in begins to unravel a more disturbing truth about his ordeal: that someone or some thing has been hunting him.

"Thalo Blue" delves into the life and times of Sebastion who, through his unique condition, may be the only person alive able to stop the mysterious "thief". This figure is unstoppable, even by death it seems, and he wants something that only Sebastion possesses. An explosive confrontation in his home during the middle of a brutal winter begins their terrifying encounter, one that will eventually stretch across a city, a township and a country.

Recovery is Sebastion’s next phase of life—and not just physical recovery but an emotional healing from a life of family drama and the burden of being ‘gifted’. Sebastion and the psychiatrist assigned to help him deal with the break-in quickly realize that the ordeal is not over. Now, to save his own life, he and the therapist must dredge up his dark, painful past for clues as to who or what the terrifying thief may be.

Part literary noir, part mystery, and part horror, "Thalo Blue" is sure to paralyze readers and keep them gnawing at their nails at each startling revelation.



The saga began with The Night Walk Men, the #1 Kindle Suspense novella by Jason McIntyre. Now it continues with The Devil’s Right Hand. And a war is brewing.

Meet Benton Garamond. He’s lost. He careens through the wet streets of downtown Vancouver on a collision course with a dirty lawyer named Levy Gillis. He wants something from Gillis and he aims to get it.

Meet Donovan Lo, former drug kingpin and not bad with the ladies if you ask him. He’s in hiding and has a plan to leave his empire for good. But something -- and someone -- aims to put a bullet through his last big score.

Now meet Sperro. He has a lot to say about his job, about Benton Garamond and about Donovan Lo. Sperro will be your tour guide.

“We are Night Walk Men, imbued with the lives of at least ten men, and we walk among you like a blur, unseen but often sensed or smelled like pollen in the air when you can’t see flowers—or the tingle you get when the hairs on your neck stand up.

“If you hear footsteps on the parched earth behind you, or if dry autumn leaves scrape concrete with a breeze, that’s most likely one of us, walking just a little ahead or just a little behind. If it’s dark and you climb into your car and for once—for no reason at all—wonder why you didn’t check the back seat for strangers, one of my brothers is mostly likely back there as you drive off.

“We are everywhere at once and nothing can stop us. We are Death incarnate, walking under long robes of black and chasing down the winds to read from a discourse that may be the last words you’ll hear...”

Be prepared to shake The Devil’s Right Hand.

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A mosaic novel is a novel in which individual chapters or short stories share a common setting or set of characters. The aim is to tell a linear story from beginning to end, with the individual chapters, however, refracting a plurality of viewpoints and styles.

Each book taking place in the tiny island town of Dovetail Cove is written in different style or genre and from different viewpoints. Some characters die in the midst of it it all. Some fade in and out like the volume on an old gramophone. But the intent is to tell one big story by way of each individual tale.

With ten titles in total, you can read each one on its own and in any order -- or as a collage, with each informing the next and the previous, and the entire collection.

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Book 1 / 1971

The Dovetail Cove saga begins here—in July, 1971. Farrah’s on summer break and she’s sure to tell you she’s NOT twelve, she’s TWELVE-AND-A-HALF, thank you very much. The tiny island-town of Dovetail Cove is the only home she’s known. And tonight, she’s sneaking out to visit her Gran and show her a ‘mystery box’ she’s stumbled across at the Main Street Summer Market, dead certain there’s a story hidden within. And she’s right.

Events reach back to 1956 and a shadowy ‘incident’ that started the darkness on the island. Only a handful know the true details of the incident. And even fewer have witnessed this new darkness, but Farrah will catch a glimpse of it tonight…at the edge of her Gran’s DEATHBED.

Book 2 / 1972

She only wanted to leave. But he took that option from her. Now she wants it back.

Set on the same island as the reader favorite Shed, the latest literary suspense novella from bestselling author Jason McIntyre picks up the Dovetail Cove saga with this story of one lonely woman...trapped.

Tina McLeod is on the cusp of a new life. Extraordinary change is rare in her world but this newsflash means she can finally leave her small island town for good. No more pouring coffee for townsfolk in Main Street’s greasy spoon, no more living under the weight of her born-again mother. That is, until Frank Moort comes in for his usual lunch and dessert on an ordinary Friday in May.

Bled sees things turn backwards and upside down for each of them. Their encounter is prolonged and grotesque, the sort of thing splashing the covers of big city newspapers. Both are changed. And neither will come out clean on the other side.

Book 3 / 1973

In this noir chapter of the Dovetail Cove saga, it’s May Day, 1973, and Charles Scobie finds himself hitched to Chrissy Banatyne, the daughter of the wealthiest and most talked-about power couple on the island. And, of all the rotten luck, Chrissy’s honeymoon destination of choice brings her home, while bringing Charlie back to an icy batch of memories he’s trying to leave behind.

Desperate to finally outrun a violent childhood, a disastrous start to his career, and his estranged family, Charlie believed he could finally set everything right after one last backroom deal, executed on a snowy night—right here in this very island town. Now, Charlie’s gotten used to the high life. Newly wed and wealthy, he has everything going for him. Still, it seems, no matter how fast Charlie runs, he finds himself right back where he started.

Book 4 / 1974

“My name is Frances Margaret Banks and I’ve killed two men.” So begins the account of Dovetail Cove’s most notorious Lady of The Red Light in her rented room above Lowballs Pub on Beacon Street. 

When she meets Sean, a seemingly noble client who takes her services despite his beautiful young family waiting at home, she knows the relationship needs to end. 

And yet, drawn into his world of security, mystique and, yes, even love, Fanny is compelled to maintain ties to Sean, even if they turn out to be fatal.

Book 5 / 1975

It’s the waning dog days of August, 1975 and Tom Mason’s in Dovetail Cove for the last few weeks of his summer job at the group home. His boss and the home’s owner is Karen Banatyne, one of the wealthiest folks in town. It seems like she’s got it in for Tom; she's the only one standing in his way as he scrimps for a new camera. 

But Karen has her own problems. A regulatory agency might cut off her funding, plus her hubby hasn’t been seen in a few weeks, and she’s not saying why. Most ominous of all, it seems as though something’s hiding in the hot spring north of the main beach and one of Karen’s ‘houseguests’ is about to come face to face with evil. Tom is too.

Book 6 / 1976

It’s January, 1976 and Bexy McLeod gets roped in to helping Dovetail Cove’s retired doc as he deals with St. Dominic’s latest problem. Having tangled with the town’s church-going community for years, Bexy knows she shouldn’t get involved. Wheelchair-bound after an accident left her a paraplegic, she might be the least-sensible choice. Trouble tends to follow the widow and the last thing Bexy needs is confrontation. But now she’s finding herself enamoured with the young woman she’s helping. Bexy may just have to go toe-to-toe with one of the most prominent members of Dovetail Cove’s upper crust…and its head priest.

Book 7 / 1977

Simon and Rupert spend their days playing in the fields out near the old power station but at night, a visitor comes for them. Older brother Simon shoulders the burden of their stepfather Everett and his greedy dominion over their Mama. But the brothers must now stand together to heal the wounds of their real father’s departure and brace themselves for a harrowing showdown with Everett.

Book 8 / 1978

Mac and Dave McLeod are thirty-something bachelor brothers, back in the tiny island town of Dovetail Cove after more than a decade away. They're here for a funeral, despite Mac's looming feeling that things aren't quite right in their childhood home, nor anywhere else across town. It doesn't take long for a mysterious visitor at the wake to embroil the McLeod boys and the island doc in a game of whodunit involving one of Police Chief Birkhead's unsolved files. 

Things get macabre when the boys discover a link to their parents in the mess. And the visitor who starts it all might just be a walking cadaver gone missing out from under the coroner's nose.

Book 9 / 1979

It’s New Years, 1979 and a freak snowfall marks the return to Dovetail Cove of one of its lost residents. North of town, at Grandpa Danny Hellegarde’s house, his granddaughter and daughter reunite with him, bringing family secrets, buried trauma and a new turmoil. Danny’s beloved golden retriever has made the wrong kind of friends — and when they arrive at the Hellegarde house in the woods, they bring with them a secret…and a terrible, dark figure.

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Gavin is a wealthy and demanding investment banker, the sort of power-hungry, driven man those in the professional world don't question. When a beautiful young woman finds herself entangled with Gavin following his divorce of a year ago, things aren't exactly as they first seemed. 

Now, nearing the end of an icy winter, she's living in his luxurious home in a rich neighborhood just north of the sprawling city. She's washing his sheets and tending to his every whim...but a mysterious boat house on the property calls to her and, in time, she may not be able to stop herself from answering.



A dark and mature suspense thriller from the mind that brought you WALKOUT and THALO BLUE.

In denial about his failing marriage, Dave Bolander cruises the nighttime world of Dow Lake campground, looking for a good time. When he happens upon some kids also on the hunt for a rush, all the excitement from Dave's last beach summer comes flooding back. How delish, Dave thinks. How wonderfully delish.



In the tradition of Hitchcock, Rod Serling, Ray Bradbury and Shirley Jackson, "Nights Gone By" is an anthology of six horror, science fiction, drama and suspense stories.

DDA // Ada Verhoeven has just graduated from a Berlin university. Now she's following her father's words of advice, getting things in order and making plans for her new life.

House Lights // Thinking he needs to get out of the house Abe is now face-to-face with the girl he pined for through high school...and he's taking an acting class with her.

Man With an Addiction // The man in the pickup truck tells Katie that he's just out to buy dog food for his newborn pups but surely there's more to his offer of a ride home.

Down The Line // Otis Derry's lead line inspector finds something on the early morning train bound for the mountain pass through Willis.

East Meets West // Duncan loves to work in the dirt and now that spring is here he can finally get that new flower bed planted before darkfall but the next-door neighbour has other plans.

Through the Transom Light // Henry can't sleep and hasn't for some years now--not since that night seven years ago when his and Anna's lives were shattered with the scream of the baby monitor.


In the tradition of Hitchcock, Rod Serling, Ray Bradbury and Shirley Jackson, "Black Light of Day" is an anthology of six horror, science fiction, drama and suspense stories.

Dangerous Intersection // At the same intersection over the course of the next year and a half, Janey Dietrich goes through the motions of her ever-changing life and might finally discover what's truly important to her.

Remembering Train Car Six // 58-year old Mort can't shake the feeling that he's been doing things in the past to help himself in the present. He just can't remember doing them.

Two in the Park // The man in the fedora is good with his video camera but recently-divorced Albert is too busy watching his own daughter boss her way through the playground to give him the notice he deserves.

One Hour's Reprieve // Allie gets one hour for lunch with her mom, to laugh, to catch up, and to deliver some heart-breaking news.

Dark That Day, After All // As they peer into the heavens together, elderly Jarvis Schloss unburdens his soul to another park dweller as they sit on his favorite park bench. The two each reflect on the primes of their lives and uncover something even darker than the sky overhead.

Act of Contrition // Mark Foley has climbed his way to a prime V-P position with Gabriel-Garvin and Subsidiaries but today he's getting more than a simple hand-slap over a deal that went south.


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