Thursday, March 9, 2017

Dovetail Cove 1974 // Title Reveal and Cover Reveal

It kind of *looks* like I've been on a tear lately.

Over the last two and a half years, I've been working hard on completing a major project I set out with. And I set out on the journey almost two decades ago. That journey (though it wasn't called this in the beginning) is Dovetail Cove.

BOOK 4 is called...?

This epic encompasses ten different titles. Yep, ten. Each book or novella has its own central characters, its own central story. But it flows with the rest. Background characters step forward and recede. The whole thing is building to a major conclusion...and it all takes place on the same little island near the tiny town of Dovetail Cove. It's a fictional place, but I'll bet you recognize it. In many ways, it's a lot like your own neighbourhood.

So the tear I speak of really has to do with my release schedule over the last few months. I wrote the books completely out of chronological order because, as author Darcia Helle says, I'm devious. It mostly has to do with how the stories came to me. I didn't want to force them or rush them. Each one, I decided, needed to stand on its own. Once I was pleased with how each one read and how each one 'dovetailed' together with the other nine, it became a matter of final edits, final approvals from my trusty beta-reading community, and final designs for artwork and interiors for each title.

Then, I started tearing off and releasing them with a rather aggressive schedule.

Now, it's confusing, I admit. But I'm trying to mitigate some of that confusion by now releasing the remaining books in chronological order so that readers can jump in to Dovetail Cove and splash around with them -- in order if they want.

1975 was a good year for wine; bad year for TOM MASON and ZEKE...

That's the tear I speak of. ZED (1975) was re-released in October. The 'why' of that one coming first is bit of a complicated tale involving publishers folding, evil corporations, and plucky heroes...but the bottom line is that this release of ZED started the tear. December saw DEATHBED (1971) and that's the *very first* book in chronological order.

For more depth on how all the titles fit together:

January was all about FLED (1973) and today, I'm pleased to announce the title of book 4 (1974). It arrives on web store shelves next week.

This completes the chronology of the first five titles. There are more, but the first five represent an unbroken chronology for you sticklers.

All the books so far, are:

1.   DEATHBED (1971)
2.   BLED (1972)
3.   FLED (1973)
4.   REDHEAD (1974)
5.   ZED (1975)
6.   [ - coming REALLY soon - ] (1976)
7.   SHED (1977)
8.   DREAD (1978)
9.   [ - coming soon - ] (1979)
10. [ - super mega fun finale epic crazy book - ] (1980)

And here is the cover reveal for REDHEAD...


Learn more about each title and find them at the retailer of your choice:

Get REDHEAD next week at all the online outlets! Then read the others if you enjoy it. Because, as I've been saying so much it hurts -- these can be read in ANY ORDER! ;)

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