Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Behind The Words // Anthony Weller

I stumbled across author Anthony Weller's latest book on Amazon by accident. It was recommended through Amazon's suggestion algorithm, likely because I'd been looking at fiction books about life and death. I'd been pondering where my forthcoming book THE DEVIL'S RIGHT HAND might be placed on a virtual book shelf.

Weller's story is intriguing and it presents a wonderful narrative about a hero who goes forward into the great unknown in search of lost love. A noble act and the basis of a lot of literature. But Weller's take is different as he posits a wonderfully unique view of two very important things: life on earth both pre- and post-death, plus what it is to be in a relationship full of quirks and minutiae.

You can read my review of Weller's book, THE LAND OF LATER ON, here. I found it to be a refreshing departure from most of the fad-driven junk in the virtual book stores. And while it differs a great deal from my work in THE NIGHT WALK MEN world, I think Weller and I are treading some familiar ground.

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Behind The Words // RachelintheOC Thompson

I first met author and social media guru, "Rachel in the OC" Thompson early this year when she was part of a group that won the Farthest Reach Award for Book Marketing. I immediately thought, "Wow, she's really crazy. She's fun too. And has a wicked sense of humour. But, manohman, sakes alive, she sure knows how to leverage the power of the web to sell books and create buzz." 

Sure enough, Rachel in the OC has turned even more of her time and attention to doing just that: helping authors commandeer this thing called the web and using it to market themselves and build their audience.

I couldn't be more pleased to introduce her now for a look inside her world. Here we go...RachelintheOC Thompson:

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Ten New Details // "The Devil's Right Hand"

Authors love to create the perfect environment for a reveal. When a reader is genuinely blown away by a development in a book or story we've penned, we grow every shade of excited. We've done our job.

I'm no different and I've been accused of being a terrible tease with the short stories and sample snippets I've doled out. However! Darcia Helle over at A Word Please is a friend, author and reader who tagged me in a challenge to share a bit about what I'm working on. It's a great opportunity to share insight about my current work and what will be out later this year.

And, like her, I can’t turn down a challenge.

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