Thursday, July 12, 2012

The Devil's Right Hand // Sneak Peek

I promised further looks behind the curtain at what I'm working on. I cannot leave you with disappointment, even though some of you will label me a dirty tease. Especially when you learn that this excerpt will come down from the Farthest Reaches website in a day or two.

As you may know by now, the new book will be called "The Devil's Right Hand" and it centers on The Night Walk Men, unseen beings who finagle and contort the lives of their human flock for a greater good we have only seen in passing thus far.

At this point, I've shared snippets from the new book that introduce Kro, Fallow and Sperro, our Night Walking saviours. I've also intro'd our human cast in the form of Benton Garamond, a middle-aged fellow from the 'burbs who's had his placid life shattered by events still unknown. We've seen too the ugly form of Donnie Lo, a Chinese-Canadian with ties high up in a chain of Vancouver drug sellers. At the opening of this story, he's confined to a dirty, hot basement apartment in Vancouver's notorious downtown east side. Visiting him is a young lady looking for a space to rent in the complex but perhaps also some inexpensive product from our Donnie -- who may be happy to oblige...for a price.

Here now is another sample from the early part of the book. Just as the Girl in the White Pumps has arrived, we time travel back to Donnie's past to see what drives him in the present. Remember, he has fallen from grace after a decade and a half at the top of his game. Why? Let's see if we can witness the seeds as they were planted when Donnie was a boy.

That's it for now! I hope you enjoyed this bit from the book. EDIT: I decided to leave the sneak peek up for a few more days than promised. It was getting a lot of visits but come back for new sneak peeks. Thanks for reading, everyone!


  1. I love your writing, Jason. You're so stinkin' talented. Awesome work :D

    1. Great to see you, Morgan! Thanks for the kind words!

      j. //

  2. Great excerpt, Jason :) Excellent writing as always, so detailed and evocative. I'm determined to get around reading all your books some time soon.


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