Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Behind The Words // Krystal Wade

Behind The Words presents author Krystal Wade. Her new book, Wilde's Fire was released in March and it's my pleasure to welcome her to the Farthest Reaches. Oh Krystal...?

Hey guys! So glad I could be here with Jason today, talking about me (who doesn't like to talk about themselves?) and my novel Wilde's Fire. Have you read it yet? Sigh. Maybe some day. ;-)

Krystal on her writing space...

I do a lot of writing in my head, and a lot of hurrying it onto the computer whenever I get somewhere. I'm a busy mom of three, and I work full time, fifty miles from home. But when I am in my wonderful house, I occupy a big, comfy chair in the corner of my family room. I prop up my feet on the ottoman, plug in my headphones, and get to work. Sometime around midnight or later, I come up for air . . . or sleep.

Krystal on her latest work...

Lately I've been writing Wilde's Meadow, the last installment in the Darkness Falls trilogy. I've also been working on an unnamed Urban Fantasy. I like to work on the two at once. Keeps me thinking all the time!

I think people are really going to be surprised when they read the urban fantasy. It's so much different than Wilde's Fire. Mostly because it takes place in our world, but still. It'll be a nice change of pace.

Krystal on her technique...

When I'm inspired to write, almost nothing can stop me. I wrote 10,000 words in three days for my new story. If it weren't for work and a need for sleep, I could have kept going. My poor laptop keys are worn and weary, and I think I'm developing carpal tunnel. Boo.

Krystal on her home team...

My kids miss me when I get into writing tirades, but when I tell them I've named a character after them, they want me to write write write. So I do. Without guilt. I involve my family in the writing process as much as possible now. I didn't used to be that way, but it's important to share with those you love.

I love that writing space -- so comfy-looking! I share a bit of Krystal's pain in finding time to actually put letters together in a string of words and sentences. It's tough with the demands of family and work because all of those aspects of life are necessary and important. Great that you can defer sleep until after your demise, Krystal. You need to keep writing!

Krystal is often at her blog, writing about her life and her kids and you can learn more about her book and upcoming writing projects there:  Cheerio, Krystal, and thank you for dropping in!


  1. Hi Jason and Krystal,
    Nice to learn more about you here.

    I think you and I have the same laptop - Macbook Pro? The lovely tools of the trade ;)

    1. Thanks for stopping in, Eden. I must agree. My Apple gear makes even those tough days of writing easier to take.

      j. //

  2. Hi Eden! I write with a Macbook Air, but the two laptops are similar. I love my computer! Absolutely one of the best gifts my hubby ever bought me. :-)

    1. Sounds like a wonderful hubs!

      Again, Krystal, I am happy and honoured to have you visit me here at the Reaches. Please make yourself comfy and help yourself to anything in the ice box.

      j. //


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