Monday, November 28, 2011

Behind The Words // David Lender

I met Author David Lender through his acquaintance with a good friend of mine, Eden Baylee. She said, "Hey, check this guy out!" I did. And it began a connection that has, thus far, culminated in David coming to the Reaches to hang out. 

More about David, and, boyohboy, it gets interesting: He's the bestselling author of Vaccine Nation, Trojan Horse, The Gravy Train and Bull Street. He spent more than 25 years on Wall Street before becoming a full-time novelist. David now lives in northern New Jersey with his fiancé, future stepson and their beloved pitbull, Styles. More on David can be found at or at his Amazon Author Central page.

When people ask me where I write I usually laugh, because there’s no pattern. When I started writing seriously, about 15 years ago, my investment banking career was in full swing. I got up at 5 a.m., exercised, and then wrote for an hour or so before going to the office for my day job. I’d edit or outline new scenes on planes, in cabs, in conference rooms during breaks in negotiations on deals, anyplace.

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Behind The Words // J. Thorn

J. Thorn is a writer, artist, musician, educator, student, husband, father, cynic, and human. In addition to writing novels and blogging, J. fronts Cleveland doom metal band, Threefold Law. He recently began converting novels to Kindle books for other authors (at and enjoys frightening his kids with original bedtime stories. He’s been known to speak in HTML code.

I hate the fact that I can’t walk away from my creative impulses. Friends of mine have “grown up.” They have shelved their dream of writing a novel or sold their guitar to a pawnshop to afford new kitchen cabinets. It would be easier that way, but it’s out of my control. At times in my life I’ve been able to hold the Muse down or wrap Her in a choke hold, but She always gets free and starts whispering in my ear again. Those whispers turn into stories and songs, the same and yet different. Writing music is like raising children with three spouses. You may come up with an idea, but you have to be willing to let the other members of the band contribute, adapt, and change it. Everyone has a part in making the song better than any one person could have. Writing a novel requires a singular dedication and an unwavering commitment to it. I won’t let anyone peek at the work until I’ve put it through two or even three revisions. In the end it’s all about storytelling, a gift that is immensely rewarding, universal, timeless. Only the scale changes.

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Behind The Words // Susan Helene Gottfried

Susan Helen Gottfried is a multi-talented wonder. She writes, she edits, she designs, she markets. I first fell into her lap (oh she'll love that euphemism) when we were hanging around late last year and we've had a tug-of-war of wit ever since (She's the wit, I'm the war). She writes about rock and roll and, hell, if anyone's been keeping up with me, we all know I love me some pretty rock songs. Without wasting more of your time on my words, lets learn about Susan...

Where Susan Writes...

Jason asked if there's a sheep grazing outside my window while I work and while I wish there was, I remember reading something once that said sheep will eat grass down to the roots. So maybe I'd rather use goats to replace the omni-present whine of the suburban nightmare, the lawnmower. Or bison. Yeah, bison. After all, the Native American Indian folks were able to use every last bit of a bison. That sounds like conservation at work to me -- AND they don't make mechanical rumbles that rattle my walls. I know this. I've had bison graze outside my window before. It was 1998, late summer, and I was in Yellowstone National Park. Paradise.

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Behind The Words // Allen Schatz

Allen Schatz is the author of two mystery/suspense stories, “Game 7: Dead Ball” and “7th Inning Death” and approached me to see if we might be able to find room for him on The Farthest Reaches. I was excited and pleased that he would be interested and, not knowing his work, I was still keen on learning about his creative process. So, without ado, I graciously turn the floor over to Allen... 

Allen on Allen...

I am me. There are days I’d like to be someone else, but the technology does not yet exist for that, so…

I’ve written what I like to refer to as “The Best Books Not Enough People Are Reading” – or as they are more formally titled: “Game 7: Dead Ball” and “7th Inning Death”, two mystery/suspense stories completely devoid of vampires, zombies, and/or teen angst, which, now that I think about it, may be the reason the informal tag holds true.

Side note: I’m trying really hard to change that.

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Behind The Words // Luke Romyn

I came into contact with author Luke Romyn earlier this year on the web, just as I have most of the fellow authors I call acquaintances and friends. Though we've yet to really get into any hearty debates or trade any material with each other (barbs, praise or otherwise), I get the sense from Luke that he's passionate about writing and keen on creating a unique reader experience right from the stories he shares down to the marketing efforts of getting those stories into hands and onto e-readers.

Take it away, Luke!

“Please don’t kill my wife.”

These were the first words I wrote on a novel which would lead me into an incredible world beyond my wildest dreams.

Hi there, my name is Luke Romyn and I’m an author from Australia who has spent many years dragging my knuckles in the security industry both around Australia and internationally. My first published novel is called THE DARK PATH which smashed its way to become a #1 best selling horror in eBook format and is now also available in print. I have two other novels in proposal with publishers in New York with several more lined up ready to go and am currently working on my seventh novel. Cari Foulk from Tribe Literary Agency is my wonderful and supportive agent.
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