Friday, September 2, 2011

Behind The Words // L.M. Stull

Watching L.M. Stull's Twitter avatar these days is like the downtown Christmas light display. It's brilliant and beautiful. But in a second or two, it'll change. And I know she'll be amused by this comment. Laughing yet, Lisa?

L.M. Stull (Lisa) is one of those rare writers who is not solely focused on writing but also on how it gets to readers. As such, she's an active member of several groups and does mounds of work establishing her online presence. I've had soooo many wonderful Twitter chats, email exchanges and coincidental run-ins with Lisa on the web that it's hard to believe she doesn't live down the street or work in my building. 

I would bet most of her contacts out here in the Reaches would agree and say the exact same thing: Lisa's not just a writer we know. She's our neighbour in this writerly world...

L.M. on L.M....

Originally a Washington, DC native, I now reside in Southern Virginia. During the day you will find me chained to a desk at a law firm. Yes, I work for lawyers (go ahead, feel sorry for me). At night I channels my inner creative monster and writes (sorry, I don't turn into a werewolf or anything).
When I'm not writing or feverishly taking orders from attorneys, I lace up and run (and sometimes drinks wine… yeah, okay maybe more than sometimes).. I can also be spotted riding Phillip (don't worry, that's my bike) around Williamsburg and visiting local coffee shops (I drink LOTS of coffee).

My debut novel will be published by Black Kettle Publishing in Fall 2011.

L.M. on where she writes...

CLICK TO ENLARGE!  My writing desk -- which I really should call my "where my laptop and
writing sh*t sits" desk because I very rarely actually write at it. I usually write in bed or on the floor or in a chair.

I’ll do it anywhere (*ahem* get your mind out of the gutter, you know we are talking about writing here). No, in all seriousness, it depends on my mood. Sometimes it’s my bed, my favorite chair, a coffee house, a beach, it really does depend where I am when the mood strikes. I very rarely listen to music when I write, as I am easily distracted. If I do, it is usually classical music. There are sheep grazing out my window when I write…never mind, no there aren’t! It’s just my dog…she just kinda smells like a sheep.

L.M. on her work...

I am currently in the final round of rewrites for my debut novel (squeee!) and hope to have it available to the public soon. When I’m not working on those blasted edits, I am writing short stories, guest posts and working on my latest WIP.

All of my novel writing seems to be a cross of paranormal romance, action and comedy. Ironically, when it comes to my short stories, however, I seem to write more about life, emotions and some very dark places. I also, on occasion try to write fantasy for Splintered Lands (operative word here is TRY ;). So, it seems I am a little bit all over the place.

L.M. on her approach...

Hmm I think the writing techniques I use are pretty standard. For plotting, I use a rather large cork board and index cards, which was a method used by a fellow friend and writer that I fell in love with. I write on my computer and very, very occasionally will write short stories by hand and yes, I do use a fountain pen (I’m a pen snob).

I try to write an hour each day, but that NEVER happens. Usually, I get an hour in here and there and then play catch up on the weekends. My new goal as of late is to get up every morning and write for an hour before work…so far it hasn’t happened, but hey, I’ll keep trying!

Editing?! Ewwwww I hate it! I have a super fabulous critique partner who does my editing and then I usually give it several pass-through’s myself. I simply can’t dive into my own editing after just writing the story; I’ll never catch anything because the material is still too new for my eyes to accurately evaluate it.

The L.M. Street Team...

Ha, well, I am recently divorced, sooo…but my writing was never an issue when I was married. However, with the rest of my family and friends I have to say they are VERY supportive and will let me ramble on and on for hours about my various projects. They also know not to panic when I disappear for days at a time to write. I would welcome anyone who would like to bring me chocolate cake, I’d really appreciate it.

Finding L.M. Stull...

There are several ways you can go about stalking me on the web if your little heart so desires: Twitter, Facebook, Goodreads (Hint: I’ll totally think you’re awesome if you add my upcoming books to your to-read pile) and of course on my really cool website: I also runs the Fellow Writer’s Group on Facebook.

Lisa, thanks so much for coming by and making yourself comfortable here in the Reaches. A little too comfortable in some ways. I believe I had some chocolate cake in the fridge. You wouldn't happen to know anything about where it went, hmmmm? 

Your addition to the Behind The Words effort is duly noted and revered. Already, judging by the comment collection forming below, you might be one of the most popular girls in school!  Go Team Stull!


  1. This has been one of my favorite interviews to date, and that's saying a lot when you look at the celebrity roll call j's had on his show here!

    And that has to be the nicest writing space demonstration I've ever seen--complete with jokes! (By comparison mine has a diaper genie where I sit my notes!)

    Can't wait for that epic debut novel, my dear! Hurry it up, will ya? ;)

  2. what a fun interview, and just adore your writing nook!

  3. Jason...haha you are too funny and I am indeed laughing! Thank you again for having me on your wonderful site. I appreciate it soooo much! It certainly is a pleasure to call you friend :)

    Ann! Aww thank you so much and I'm so glad you liked the interview. I know, I know, my book will be coming to bookshelves (virtual ones at least) near you soon. Ha. I think everyone might die of shock when it is actually published. Which will be sad, because there will be no one to review it! :)

    Thanks again to you both. I'm one lucky girl to have such wonderful peeps in my life :)

  4. Thank you very much :) My decorating motto is simply and comfortable :)

    "bookspersonally said...
    what a fun interview, and just adore your writing nook!"

  5. or you know "simple" and comfortable. *ahem* see why I need editors? Ha!

  6. I have to agree with Ann. One of the best interviews and in-depth look into Lisa's writing and life (okay, now I sound like a stalker) that I have seen to date.

    For instance, I found that I have more in common with Lisa than I originally thought. Okay, well, my laptop is currently nameless. But that's because we just met a few days ago and are still getting to know each other. I am one of those people who can't listen to music while I write. Call it ADD if you will, but I'll just stop to listen or sing along to a song that will come on, and the writing suffer. With the exception of classical, which just soothes me.

    I love the idea of a corkboard with index cards. Sounds like a great plotting method.

    Having read the teasing chapters to A Thirty-Something Girl, I can't wait to read the rest. Lisa, as always my dear, you are exceptional!

    Great post, Jason! Thanks for sharing!

  7. This WAS a good guest post, wasn't it Ann? I loved having Lisa come by for a visit. I've asked her to stay but I'm all out of chocolate cake so (barring me making another; I'm all out of eggs) she may mosy on eventually. Until then, I'll crank the music and we can all dance, dance, dance.

    Jennifer (bookspersonally) -- thank you for stopping by! It's always great to see you here. Lisa's writing nook is top-drawer!

    Janelle -- my hope is to give my guests free reign and just get out of the way so they can yak about whatever is near and dear to them, only occasionally stepping in to offer a glass of wine or a big piece of chocolate cake. Speaking of that, can I get you anything?

    Lisa -- You know it's MY PLEASURE to have you here. One of the most popular ladies on the Internet has graced my little hovel with HER presence? Please. It's fantastic! I'll have you back anytime!

  8. I have stalkers??? OMG that means I'm a celebrity, right? Haha :)

    Janelle, thank you for your kind words and for stopping by. So glad I'm not the only person who can't really listen to music and write. I do the same thing, I start dancing and singing along (OMG did I just admit that in public?!) and then an hour goes by and I haven't written a damn thing. So, as our friend Ryne Pearson always says, I tend to make myself "Put butt in seat and write!"

    Thank you again for your comment! So glad to know you, Janelle :)

  9. LM, you are a chameleon - the Lady GaGa of authors, constantly re-inventing yourself with something new, fresh, and imaginative. I wouldn't be surprised if you wore a dress of meat at your book launch, or maybe a dress of post-it notes!

    It's a pleasure to know you, and if you only get back 1/2 the recognition that you give to others - you'd be rich woman indeed!

    And Lisa, of course your name means you're awesome - I'd be surprised if it was anything otherwise. ;)

    J, as always, the best people swim over to your hovel (which really is quite the spa).


  10. Thanks, Eden! Glad you could brave these waters for yet another of your delightful visits. I've turned up the heat in the ocean. A round of drinks and desserts will be arriving shortly!

  11. Haha a meat dress!! I love it :D Thank you for your very kind words and all your support. It means the world to me :)

    And Jason, about that chocolate cake... um, have no idea what happened to it *looks around innocently and licks icing off her fingers* ;)

  12. As long as she didn't start nibbling on the meat dress. Not when there's cake!

    Lisa, it's quite alright -- have anything you want in that fridge. In fact, I don't usually keep cake in the fridge. I was hiding it from Ryne Douglas Pearson. :)

  13. great interview - what did happen to that missing cake!!!!

  14. Let's just say I made TWO cakes, Alberta! Thanks for stopping in!

  15. *waves at Alberta* Thanks for stopping by for a visit and cake! ;D

  16. I really have to drop in here more often. It's always such a rewarding visit.

    A great interview. Honest and fun too. And I can almost taste that chocolate cake.

  17. And we are so happy when you come by, Chris! Remember, cake's in the oven. Shouldn't be too much longer now. I'll share most of it, I promise.

  18. Thanks, Chris! Nice to have you come visit :)

  19. Lisa, wonderful interview. Loved learning more about you and your writing. I can never write in coffee houses only at my desk which is NOWHERE as neat and organized as your desk. Does this tell you something?

    Looking forward as you know to you debut novel. Your short stories amaze me so I am sure the novel will leave me breathless.

    Jason, haven't met you before. I hang around on the writer's fringe. I tend to read what other writers are up to and then just wander around doing my own thing. I am good at that.

    Cheers to all,


  20. Wonderful that you could pop in for a visit and learn more about Lisa today, Ardee-ann. Come by again, I have guests each week discussing their projects, writing habits and more.

    It's great to meet you!

    j. //

  21. Ardee-ann!! Thank you so much for all your support and compliments. Thank you for wandering on over here. I'd offer you a slice of cake, but, well, I ate it all :) I think you would love Jason's work as well. He is one of the most talented writers I know :)

  22. (Wowzers. Lisa Stull knows a TON of writers. Trying not to let it go to my head trying not to let it go to my head trying not to let it...)

    Ah! That second cake is cool now. And the frosting has set. Everyone gather round, I'm cutting extra big pieces!

  23. Great post and Jason is a lucky man!

    I always love learning more about Lisa and her work ethic. You're everywhere and yes, you are a star!I admire all the things you do to help other writers.

    This better be a great book! I've never seen anyone squeeze a group of readers so hard with anticipation. I know it will be great! But hurry up, LOL

  24. Haha! "never seen anyone squeeze readers so hard with anticipation."

    Too true, Dannie! Thanks for stopping into to say hello.

    (Here's a piece of cake for you!)

  25. Haha Dannie. I promise my release will have been worth the wait :) Thank you so much for stopping on by here and giving me some comment love. It is much appreciated, as always!

  26. Good morning, it's Sunday, raining and dark here and reminds me of the Farthest Reaches.

    LM, good to see you're being taken care of with cake.

    J, you've learned a thing or two about being a good host after all your interviews. tee-hee.


  27. I learn at least one new trick each day, Eden. But when you were my guest, I swear, I learned five. :)

  28. Great interview! I also liked the cozy nature of your writing space, and "The Beast" looks like an awesome guard creature :)

    Am I too late for cake?

  29. Ryan, out here in the Farthest Reaches, one can conjure whatever the heart desires. You cake is on its way in mere moments.

    Thanks for stopping in to learn about L.M.!


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