Tuesday, September 20, 2011

J. Alexander Greenwood // What Happens Next?

Alex Greenwood's approach to the marketing of his fiction is similar to my own. He's spent the last year or so building up recognition of his first title, 'Pilate's Cross' with appearances on book blogs, author sites, social media and traditional media. He's had a successful run at creating a unique mix of virtual bookshelf space for his work and also traditional space by doing media events and book signings.

Now he's working on a sequel for the story and wants to share a bit about how that's going with his readers. When I learned of this, I wanted to allow him a bit of space to talk about it. Sounds like it's going well, Alex.  Take it away!

What Happens Next?

John Pilate lives.

After my first book, the mystery/thriller Pilate's Cross hit ebook shelves everywhere via Smashwords, then Amazon--and the paperback became a book club staple in my hometown--I was given a mandate by readers: tell us what happens next to John Pilate.

Indeed. What happens to a beloved character when the book is finished? I had no plans to revive Pilate and his world; I was determined to focus on short stories. Then came the most flattering words I ever heard as a writer: "I felt like the characters in your book were my friends, and I dreaded the last page and letting them go."

In the beginning I felt the same way--there wouldn't even be a Pilate's Cross, let alone the upcoming Pilate's Key--without my love for the characters. After rejection by more than one hundred agents and publishers, I nearly let John Pilate and his friends slip from my grasp. They would live in their own world on my computer hard drive like Moriarty on the holodeck of the Enterprise-D (Star Trek fans, that one's for you).

Instead, I took a small chance on issuing an ebook. To my delight it drew a small but very loyal fan base. As I put the finishing touches on the second John Pilate story, I'd like to say on behalf of John Pilate, his friends, enemies and acquaintances--a sincere thank you to readers.

I suspect my fervent hope is the same for all writers: we'll keep writing our best stuff and you'll keep reading.

Award-winning writer J. Alexander Greenwood's new book Pilate's Key will be released in the Kindle Store and Smashwords in November. His first book, Pilate's Cross is available on Amazon, Smashwords and wherever ebooks are sold. To save 15% on the paperback version of Pilate's Cross, visit http://tinyurl.com/26ew94o and enter coupon code OKTOBERFEST305 at checkout by Sept. 23, 2011.


  1. Adore Alex, and always good to get an update of what John Pilate is doing. Am definitely looking forward to book 2!


  2. Yes, Eden, until today I had no idea that his second book was so close to release. November is basically tomorrow!

  3. Wow, thanks Jason and Eden--you're both so supportive! (and great writers!)

  4. I have Alex's first book, but have not yet had the opportunity to savor it. Now that I know Book 2 is coming out so soon ---> I NEED TO HURRY UP AND READ!

    Alex is a great guy and I wish him absolutely nothing but success! :)

  5. Alex IS a great guy, I concur! And I share your wishes for his success. Thanks for stopping in, Mz. Stull. :)

  6. Thanks guys. I look forward to reading more of all your work!


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