Tuesday, August 30, 2011

BLED - Trailer now online!

SHED has been downloaded by readers over 15,000 times since its arrival last October. It's the story of two young boys in the island town of Dovetail Cove who are coming to grips with a new and demanding stepfather. But there's more.

Something's not right in Dovetail Cove.

Readers have felt passion, deep investment, and melancholy reading the story of Simon and Rupert in SHED.  Now the legacy of Dovetail Cove and its peculiar...environment...continues with new characters who are beginning to learn that the island is a place for secrets -- and heartache.

BLED is set two years before SHED and follows Teeny McLeod, a young waitress at the Highliner Cafe in downtown DC. On a bright May afternoon, one patron of the cafe will change Teeny's life forever. Follow her story and see how it fits in with the ongoing Dovetail Cove mythology.

Just what is going on in Dovetail Cove?

Find out when BLED becomes available at e-bookstores everywhere SEPTEMBER 18, 2011

Monday, August 29, 2011

Surpassing 100,000 Downloads

Today, a press release went out announcing that 113,000 copies of Jason McIntyre books have been downloaded in the last twelve months. Where did they go? They went primarily to Amazon Kindle users, but also to readers using the Barnes & Noble Nook, the Apple iPad and other iDevices, plus through Smashwords, which offers ebooks in most available formats.

It's a pretty exciting time to be writing books and releasing them to the public in e-formats. I couldn't have made it to this milestone without tremendous help from my author network, beta readers, reviewers, editors, designers, PR people and all the wonderful Twitter folks who have helped spread the word.

The press release for this announcement of 113,000 downloads is below. I invite you to have a gander and check out my books at Amazon or any of the other retailers where my work is available.

Thank you to everyone who has helped me.

Friday, August 26, 2011

Behind The Words // Ryne Douglas Pearson

Ryne Douglas Pearson is a screenwriter, author, and whackjob. The good kind of whackjob, though, one who doesn't do it for the bodycount. He's in it for the entertainment value, pure and simple.

I met Ryne through BestsellerBound.com late last year and our online friendship (no, Mom, not *that* kind of 'online friendship') has definitely evolved. First we were flagrant enemies (no, we never were). Then we were embittered and silent (nope, we didn't go there either). Finally, we were making plans to go to Disneyland. (Not yet, but a guy can dream) So, what do you say, Ryne? Are you up for that?

Friday, August 19, 2011

Behind The Words // Ryan Dalton

It's refreshing to meet someone so forthright about their goals and aspirations. Ryan Dalton is writing his first book and he's gearing up to let the world know about it. He's approachable, funny and really enjoys the networking aspect of being a writer. Plus, Ryan has recently started a blog, www.ryandaltonwrites.com, where he aims to talk about his writing process among a myriad of other topics. 

When you're done with our impromptu chat about such things here, I invite you to head on over to his new blog or find him on Twitter to get in touch with this personable writer. So, without further commentary from the peanut gallery (me), I present writer Ryan Dalton...

Ryan on Ryan...

I’m Ryan Dalton. I became a writer after facing the truth – I will never be Batman. After getting over that disappointment, I moved on and found a new passion. I’ve dabbled in different types of writing over the years - comedy for a humor blog, review and viewpoint pieces for several news blogs, articles for a local magazine. In 2009, I placed high in the NYC Midnight Short Screenplay Challenge, and last year I sold a short screenplay. Currently, I’m working on my first novel, a YA sci-fi thriller titled The Year of Lightning.

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

In The Dark - Suspense and Horror

It's been long overdue, and after some demands on my life were made, I decided to make another 'In The Dark' video. I'm doing these a bit faster now, as I get accustomed to yakking in front of a camera so, if viewers/readers here at The Farthest Reaches are interested in seeing me goof-off in my dark studio some more, leave a comment so I know if I should keep staying up late and finding ridiculous ways to justify sitting alone in a dark room.

Remember! There are a few more of these videos if you enjoy this one: SOUND & PICTURES

Props to Anya Winter (@AnyaSWinter) in Calgary, Alberta, Canada who sent in a question about distinguishing the difference between horror stories and suspense stories.

There are more IN THE DARK videos >>
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