Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Behind The Words // Al Boudreau

Al Boudreau. Novelist. Indie supporter. Tweeting mad man. There are more titles for Al, but he'd probably appreciate this one the best: friend to authors across the world.

Al is also a member of the decision committee for the 2011 Farthest Reach Award, dedicated to recognizing outstanding members of the book marketing community. Al's going to be working with the team to winnow down the nominees and decide who's the cream of the crop. For my money, Al has the chops and the experience necessary for this task, no question.

I met Al on Twitter late last year and came to know more about him and his work, plus his undying camaraderie among the Twitter faithful over the last several months. He's quick to pour you a virtual drink and quick to sing your praises if he believes in you. And, he's been known to write a cracking thriller now and again. About his work, about his space, and about how he does what he does, I present Mr. Al his own words...

My pen name is Al Boudreau. I decided to change my real name to Al Boudreau too, so as not to confuse people. My debut Mystery/Thriller, IN MEMORY OF GREED, came out at the end of January, 2011. It is presently available in ebook format for Kindle and Nook.

I write while sitting on the couch in my living room, netbook in my lap, and notes/outline by my side. It's the most comfortable spot I could find. I'll nibble on an occasional snack while writing, but find it difficult to write with any kind of noise. Therefore, I try to maintain a silence that would rival most monk's surroundings. My sheep ran away months ago. Too quiet for his taste, apparently.

I utilize both a netbook computer and composition notebooks when I write. Generally, I can produce one or two chapters a day, if writing is all that's on my docket. I generally rough-edit chapters the following morning, before writing the new day's work. Once my manuscript is complete, I'll read it through and edit again, before passing it along to beta-readers.

My significant other, Jennifer, is very supportive of my work. She is a very astute, well-read individual. I find that her opinions, and advice, are spot-on 99.9% of the time. I highly value her input during the writing/editing process. She's very good about helping provide the environment needed to produce quality work.

These days, I'm working on creating an author platform. I fully believe in doing things bass-ackwards---writing and self-publishing a debut novel first, then building my platform. You'll notice that nowhere in this Q & A did I say that I was very bright. My journey is quite similar to that of the protagonist in my novel---just when he thinks he's making headway---BOOM, the antagonist schools him once again. The antagonist in my world is soon as I need some, it conveniently seems to disappear. However, like my protagonist, Murhkin Mocado, I shall persevere.

I've established an unwritten rule for my own work---my storylines must be completely plausible to anyone and everyone who reads them. I've never cared much for books or movies that push the envelope too far outside the realm of real-world possibilities. That being said, I thrive on throwing jarring facts about wrong-doing at my readers. I want my work to make people sit up and take notice of abuses concerning money and power by big business and governments. At some point these abuses will stop. I fully intend to be part of the catalyst for that change.

Visit Al Boudreau at his blog, where you can click on links to his Twitter home, current novel, and more. Al, my biggest, hugest, warmest thanks for allowing me to host your words here at The Farthest Reaches! 


  1. I can vouch for Al: he DOES give good Twitter.

  2. Susan, I wonder if Al is blushing right now.

    Thanks for stopping in!

  3. Terrific interview. Al is one of the MOST supportive and wonderful people I have met in the writing community. It has been such a joy to know him. As for his work, "In Memory of Greed" remains one of my favorite books, and it IS all very plausible. There wasn't one page that I felt I needed to get through to get to "the good stuff." The entire novel moved along at an exciting pace and never let me down.

    I'm a big fan of Al's!

  4. Lisette -- you're totally on the mark! Thanks for saying hello and offering your support for Mr. Boudreau.

  5. Plausibility is huge draw for me in all I read, especially in thrillers and sci-fi. I lament that I haven't had time to read In Memory of Greed yet. Wish I had an ereader, and some of that elusive time Al speaks of!

  6. Yup. I hate suspending disbelief. Unless I'm watching something with my 3-year old.

    Thanks for stopping in to read Al's guest spot, Marty!

  7. Hey, when did Al swim over here and I didn't see him till now? Damn RSS feed is messing up again.

    I feel SOOOO much better if Al thinks he's doing it bass ackward because I'm doing the same too.

    And yet...there's obviously no right or wrong here. Al's conduct with other authors is something to be admired and emulated at any stage of an author's journey.

    Believe me, when his next book comes out - he will already have people lining up to get it because of the relationships he's forged.

    Thanks for showcasing this lovely man, J.


  8. You're so right about Al, Eden. And, to be honest, it's the exact same approach I've taken over the last year.

    I gave Al a life vest; he's been floating in the warm waters sipping on a fruity drink for quite some time. Pour you one, Eden?

  9. J, would love one! Mango on ice PLZZZZZZZZZ !


  10. Nice to see many of my favorite people here hanging out with Al. I have to say Al is one of my favorite tweeps? peeps? ok..favorite authors. As people move in and out of my cyber-streaming (not quite real) life, you(AL), Jason, and Eden, have become part of my day that is real. I love this interview, Al. It's nice to know a bit more about you, and I hope we have time for cyber drinks again very soon.


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