Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Writing is like...

This is a blog meme, instigated by my friend and fellow writer, S.B. Poscente. You can hang out with her at her place and I highly recommend that you do.

Now, on to my little attempt at keeping this meme alive...

Writing is like...being cast away on an exotic island. You have beautiful things to eat but no cutlery. The fish, lobster and crab are the best you've ever seen and you just know they would be delicious...but there is no fire to cook them. The sunshine is intense and lasting but you have no sunglasses or UV protection. The ocean is warm but you have no towel after a swim.

You have matches but they're wet; you have a canteen but it's dry.

The rain is cool and refreshing, but you have no shelter and your skin wrinkles to that of a geriatric octogenarian. The nights are black and deep but you get cold with no blankets and so you begin to shiver after an hour or two. There's nothing on; the satellite dish you've crafted from palm fronds and bamboo stalks doesn't get the new OWN network.

You finally see another survivor drift towards your shore on a makeshift raft of plane parts and table trays but, alas, he is mute. And burly. And he takes your food when you sleep. You spend your days with him merely shuffling feet in the sand and looking at each other.

In a desperate search for something other than raw seafood, you find a can of fruit cocktail -- with extra cherries, even. You have no can opener but would risk great injury to yourself just for one lick of the artificial syrup. But the date tells you this fruit is expired. You ask yourself, "Should I go there?"

You see perfect waves in the distance but your surfboard wax wasn't in your carry-on; neither was your surfboard. You remember all your friends' numbers but all the coconut phones you've carved have no dial tone.

Finally, after months in virtual isolation, with nearly nothing to show for your time away, a wooden flat of bottled water floats in on the spring tide. You and your surly silent compadre force yourselves to become teammates for twenty minutes as you haul it in.

Your great mood subsides, though, and your shoulders shrug with a deflating realization:

The safety seal is broken on every one. And you're just not that sure.

So who am I asking to carry on this blog meme? Three great women, three impeccable writers, three superlative friends.

Eden Baylee. Darcia Helle. Maria Savva.


  1. Honored, J. Gracias Sir. This is going to be challenging ... love it.


  2. Oh btw, your piece? Brilliant, as with everything you write.

    Sheesh, can you tone it down a bit so I can catch up? I'm falling a couple of leagues behind.


  3. I'm honored to be handed the torch but, honestly Jason, how am I supposed to follow that? Can you for one minute pretend you're not quite so awesome? :) Alas, I shall do my best to continue on...

  4. Eden, Eden, Eden. I chose you for one massive reason above the others: You are 20,000 leagues surpassing the likes of lil ol' me.

    (But your comment still left me laughing!)

  5. Darcia, the torch is YOURS!

    (Are you really adding 'awesome' to your previous use of 'brilliant'? You are so wise and wonderful -- I'll take the compliment!)

    I really look forward to reading your individual takes on this fun exercise.

  6. ...
    I was so excited for that water...

    This was SO good, J.! I knew you would blow this activity out of the water. Er... you know what I mean. :D

  7. Excited for the countless bottles of water: yeah, me too. I'm such a sadist, right?

    Thanks for wrangling me in on this activity, Po. Usually I shy away from these kinds of things but this one was definitely fun to do.

  8. What a great post Jason!!! I am glad Eden too has dragged me on this little adventure :)

  9. Lisa, I'm so glad Eden did choose you because you were on my short list of friends to target with this! Glad you don't think it's kooky -- thanks for playing along.

  10. Here’s what the TV Guide synopsis would have said about the next episode:

    McIntyred Island
    CBS, Wed., 9:30 PM EST

    Things seem to take a blissful turn for the better when J and Wilson are joined by a lovely young castaway who washes up on their beach with a backpack full of camping gear and a stash of perfectly sealed junk food snacks. But it’s more of the same for J when it becomes clear that their new beach-mate has far more in common with Wilson, including no life threatening food allergies like J has…

    Scarlett Johansson guest stars. (Episode presented commercial free by Peanut M&M’s and Nautica Swimwear)

  11. Ha! 80s sitcoms were the best, weren't they? I bet McIntyred Island was followed by Magnum P.I.

  12. Oh, wow! I've just seen this post. Thanks for tagging me, Jason :) I'm not really sure what to write, but I'll have a little think and try to come up with something! I love your description of what writing is like, especially the bit about 'months of virtual isolation'! That about sums it up. I will try my best to write a suitably adequate post to follow on from this :)

  13. No problem, Maria! I figured you were busy, well, writing. Looking forward to yours!


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