Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Behind The Words // Eden Baylee

Erotic Author Eden Baylee's website is so provocative, I'm not allowed to look at it. Seriously. When I want to check in on what my favourite Torontonian adult author has on her upcoming agenda, a firewall leaps up and says, "Uh-uh-UH! Not so fast, my dear Canadian suspense author!" I've had the opportunity to read one of Eden's novellas and upon getting three or four pages in, I put it down and went to inform my wife of what I was reading. My thinking? Reduce my wife's confusion or shock should she stumble across Eden's work on our coffee table.

That said, Eden's work is more than titillating. She has a focus on lifestyle, on our modern world and the place we inhabit therein. She goes into the parts of characters that exist below a scratched surface and who we are as people, sexual or not. But, heck, enough of what I think. I'm happy to welcome Eden Baylee as my guest this week and we'd be better to get her own words about what she does and how she does it. Oh, Eden?

Eden on Eden... 

Okay. I’m brilliant, of course (in my own mind), but I think you’ve even told me I’m wittier than you are, so I have confirmation from one person at least.

I'm a Canadian gal, quit banking after 20 years, now write full-time. First book of erotic novellas called Fall into Winter was officially released February 2011. Now in process of writing the next anthology while promoting current release. As I’ve told you, Jason, I straddle the wobbly fence of promotion and continuing to write, but I’m loving every moment. It’s a true gift to be able to finally do what I want to do in life. I would have died if I remained in banking for another couple of years. They would have found my body in some dark meeting room, staring at the wall, with the look of horror on my face from realizing I was a “lifer.”

[Editor's note: true dat, E.]

Eden on her writing space...

Currently, my writing space is the couch in my living room. I stretch out with my laptop and use the coffee table as my office. On it are all the things I need for the day: books, pens, highlighters, tea, phone, vibrator, lip balm, hand cream, camera. I sit next to a big bay window where I can see out onto the street. On a bright summer’s day, I can see the trees and blue sky. On a winter’s day, it’s nice to enjoy the snowfall without having to be in it. 

I eat breakfast in the morning while I check all the social media stuff and respond to email. Breakfast usually consists of tea, fruit and yogurt. I cannot listen to music when I write. I like silence. I even put earplugs in my ears so I can’t hear my nails hitting the keyboard. Needless to say, my nails are cut to the quick anyway, so there’s not much sound coming from them, but I’m just that fussy. Anal, I like to call it. You know how much I love that word – so versatile.

[Editor's note: nevermind. I have nothing to add.]

Eden on her work...

My next book is called Spring into Summer – a brilliantly titled follow-up anthology to my first book. It will also be erotica. I’m the Vivaldi of erotica, ha!

As for similarities…well…my first book, Fall into Winter had 4 stories, as will my new one. First book had 2 stories that took place in the fall, and 2 in the winter. Guess what? New book will have 2 stories for the spring and 2 for the summer. Getting the pattern here?

First samples are not available as I’m just finishing off the last story, and it hasn’t gone through final edits as yet. I don’t share my writing till I feel it’s almost near perfect, and then I get it edited professionally and realize how far from perfect it really was. The stories will be diverse. There will be vibrators involved because I’m a fan of those, some pagan rituals, and lots of heat. We’re talking my favorite seasons of the year so I was hot just writing them.

As for when it’s coming out, I’d like to have it out in the fall, which is strange given the name of the book, but it will give those living in the cold climates something to look forward to. I can spin it that way anyway.

Eden on her approach to writing...

With one book out, I shudder even to call myself a writer, let alone muse on writing techniques that make me unique. I want to make sure I have some staying power before I make any pronouncements about technique. I’d like to consider myself a good writer, regardless of genre. I’m not one who deconstructs my writing to see how I can improve it. I’m the ultimate pantser because I dislike organization. Sure, I know there is some structured thought process in what I do, but not much. Sometimes I jot notes, sometimes I talk into a tape recorder if I have ideas, and most of the time, I come up with great plots while taking a shower. The minute I step out, I record myself because I have a terrible short term memory.

I use a Mac laptop. My screen looks like someone vomited icons all over it because I save everything there. I’m not good with putting things into folders because I hate doing that. It’s the organization thing again. Somehow, I know where everything is despite the mess.

Research is big for me, of course. Given that I’m a virgin, I need to ensure my sex scenes are realistic, so I watch lots of porn for that. (Just pulling your leg, but you knew that, right?)

The truth is erotica is not just about sex. I love writing about faraway places, different cultures, and different languages. If I don’t know enough about my subject matter, I research the hell out of it. I owe that to readers because it’s important to get the facts straight. There is no excuse unless you’re just plain lazy, especially given all the resources at my fingertips. If I can experience things first hand, that’s the best way to research something. If I can’t, then I read about it, watch YouTube, or talk to people. Many of my stories have some element of real life in them anyway, so it’s just a matter of building on them.

As for how much I write daily when I’m writing – it’s 2000 words—no ifs, ands, or buts. That’s why I’m up early and sleep much too late. I write 7 days a week, and my laptop is attached to my hip. (I’m looking into a patent for a laptop holster – similar to a tool belt. I think it’d sell, and you heard it here first.) Needless to say, I’m tired a lot and it’s my own damn fault, but I really wished I didn’t have to sleep. It’s my biggest pet peeve.

Editing style? I do it as I write, then I re-edit the next morning, then I do it again that evening. I am a grammar freak, and someone should just put me out of my misery. I attribute this to the fact that I didn’t know a word of English till I was almost seven. I thought the English language was just a different Chinese dialect. I couldn’t understand why no one knew what I was saying. I think that traumatized me somewhat. Now I feel like I have to speak and write properly all the time—I owe that to my grade 1 teacher for all the extra effort she took with me.

Eden on her writing support...

My husband is very supportive of me being a writer. He’s a creative person too so he understands my need to do it. There’s no issues with my writing nor with what I write. What he does have issue with is how I’ve taken over the living room coffee table as my pseudo-office. He’s a bit of a neat freak that way. To appease him, I clean it up once a week, and then I start all over again. I don’t think he’s caught on yet.

Luckily, we are both very independent people, so neither gets into each other’s hair. For that, I am very fortunate.

Find me at From there you can find my blog, buy links, Twitter, Facebook, email, shoe size, and things you didn’t even know you wanted to know about me.

Muchos gracias Jason for letting me guest blog on your fabulous site, one of the most well-organized and informative sites I’ve had the pleasure of appearing on. (Now, if your cheque bounces, I’m rescinding this final statement). Eden

Cheque? Uh. Okay. It's, um, in the mail. I think. Though, I'm pretty sure I do owe you some scones, the pleasure of having you here at the Reaches is absolutely all mine. And the readers', of course. A hearty round of applause for Ms. Baylee! Thanks so much for your time, E.


  1. Jason, 'tis a grand pleasure to be here even though it's dark and wet and I feel a bit seasick. Nevertheless, I truly appreciate your time and space and very kind words - you are a gentleman through and through.


  2. Madame Baylee! I welcome thee to the Reaches! It's a grand moment to count you as a dear guest and I thank you for feeling free to spill wine on the digital carpet, pour your soapy tub water out onto the floating floor and leave the lights on in any warped room you enter. Mi casa es su casa.

    (And besides, it's not THAT scary out here in the Farthest Reaches, is it?)

  3. Eden, I too have lip balm by my side while I work, plus several other writing aids. One I do not have is--well I think you might already know the answer. Moving swiftly on. I am thrilled you are not organised and use the coffee table. Now I know we are connected.

    Hip holster for the laptop? Get the patent and sell, sell, sell!

    Jason, thank you for hosting the lovely Eden. She is a breath of fresh air in my world.:)

  4. And in mine, Glynis. And in mine.

    Thanks SO much for stopping by!

  5. Very interesting post, Eden and Jason. It has been such a pleasure meeting you and learning more about your creative life. All the best in your endeavors!

    P.S. I tried writing on the sofa a few times but the stories always abruptly ended with zzzzzz.

  6. So interesting! Enjoy following both of you on twitter & the interview was a great opportunity to learn a little more about Eden.

  7. Eden! A pantser? I'm SHOCKED! And the casual collection of necessaries... hmmm... I never thought to add a vibrator to my pen holder...

    Fantastic interview--as always candid and charming and utterly lovely!

  8. What's with this obsessions about pants? ;)

    Larry, Jennifer and Patti, thanks for stopping in!

  9. To the lovely ladies - Glynis, Bookspersonally and Patti - thanks for visiting me. It's nice to have some girlfriends drop by.

    Larry - You feel zzz coming on while on the couch? Why do you think I have a vibrator? ;)

    Jason, Jason...put your pants back on! And you're right, it's not so scary here after all. You are a gracious host, but the bath water is getting cold though...

  10. Trust me: I keep the bath water nice and hot.

  11. I love Eden and I love learning new things about her. I'm looking forward to when she finishes her anthology.

    Great post!

  12. Hi Casey, I'm looking forward to it too! Thanks for coming all this way to visit me - hope the swim wasn't too exhausting.

  13. LOL! The swim was easy with my ducky shaped floaties. =D

  14. Eden is so charming. I like her.
    What a great interview!

  15. Casey and Ellie, you're both SO glamourous. Not because you came to this blog today, but in spite of it.

    It must be Eden. Must be her. You're both too hip for me alone.


  16. Ellie, thanks for your sweet compliment. I really appreciate that. Casey - you are soooo cute!

    Umm, Jason...I'm not kidding, the water is cold. There's no hot water. Are you sure you paid your hydro bill?

  17. That's what I do: lull you in with my limited charm and warmth, then throw you in the deep end, no heat, no life jacket. My fiction is much the same.

    Be warned.

  18. Jason, actually you lulled me with your writing because I'm not easily lulled by charm. No heat? No problem, I'm a hardy Canadian who can withstand the cold. I'm just going to float on my back and watch the blue sky for a while.

  19. I just have to say before I get to the writing that Eden is a sweetheart--a very generous and funny person. As for her work-- it's rare and very refreshing to find a terrific writer who knows her way around erotica (so to speak). You must read "Fall Into Winter" will not only make you "fall" for Eden... but it might inspire you to "fall into" bed, also. Looking forward to the next book, Eden!

    Jason, great work as usual. You showed admirable restraint. ;-)

  20. Eden is an amazing author. I read her book and loved it. Waiting for the next amazing tale. She is one author not to miss.

  21. Savannah, Alex, thanks for coming by to check in on Eden and me.

    Alex, restraint is all I have when a whirlwind like Eden drops by. I can only stand gently to the side because Eden is a light all on her own.

    Eden, I lulled you with my writing? How generous and kind of you!

  22. Alex, thank you so much for your comment. That is very generous of you, and I like the thought of someone falling into bed with my book.

    Savannah --> words can't express how lovely I think you are.

    Jason, it's definitely your writing that attracted me to you. It's superb, and kindness has little to do with it. The quality that charms me most about a man is not between his legs, it's between his ears.

  23. Eden,Jason,Alex,
    another page, another fabulous interview. Eden the more I see your interactions with the world, the more I adore you. Thank you so much for opening up to everyone.
    In regards to charming qualities.. Most (intelligent) women are turned on between the ears before anything else are they not?

  24. ( I really like intelligent women. )

  25. Hi Kimba! Thanks for coming by to visit me here with Jason. It's been a great day with him.

    As for charming qualities in men, intelligence really is the sexiest ingredient for me (and I'm guessing for you as well).

    Jason, I believe you.

  26. Yes, Eden, Im a sucker for a man with razor wit, and a quick retort..Its very sexy.
    there is nothing worse than matching wits with an unarmed man...
    no matter how cute...
    Jason, I too, believe you seem to surround yourself with them. ;)

  27. Not sure what I did to be surrounded by them. But here I am!

    ( And loving it. )

  28. I think it comes as naturally to you as breathing...just being yourself, and the people gather round...

  29. Great little post here. You are too funny. I get my ideas the EXACT same way. I jump out of the shower and grab my camcorder. I get so many ideas in there. My wife is always waiting to hear the next one. Writer's block? HA! I don't know what it is.

    My computer desk is like your coffee table. It gets littered with notes and scribbles that I never look back at.

    And 2000 words is the perfect goal. Past that, thanks for being so helpful.

    Draven Ames

  30. Draven, so nice to hear from you. You're such an encouraging writer. Hmm, your camcorder? I never thought of that, but it's always interesting to learn how other writers work.

    Great to see you here at Jason's watering hole.

  31. Kimba. Huh. I thought it was my hot car.

    Draven. You lucky dog. Great that you have endless inspiration in the shower and with a camcorder involved, no less. Given that Eden has certainly written some shower scenes (and some camcorder scenes!) you two should collaborate on a story.

  32. I'm testing the to speak, though 2/3 of the previous comments have disappeared due to Blogger blow-up. The blast blew me back to my Wordpress blog for a while, but I've returned to check up on you.

    It took me a long time to swim here. I'm tired, got a towel, J?

  33. For you, Eden, I've got five towels. They've been warmed by the fireplace and you can use one for your hair or however you see fit.

    As far as Blogger Blowup (tm), they are assuring users the missing comments will be restored. However, I'm dubious. (AKA, don't buy it for a second).

    Sad that we were just a day ago looking at 30+ lovely comments and now most of those are...well...catapulted into the Farthest Reaches.

  34. Aww, well, Jason, such is life...sometimes it sails smoothly on still waters, then it suddenly hurls you into the abyss of the deep blue sea, aka the Farthest Reaches.

    If missing comments come back - YAY!
    If not, my sincere thanks to all who left me a note - I read them all and appreciate the very sweet and kind words. It meant a lot that you made the trip out here.

    As for you, Jason, it was the greatest pleasure to be in this explosion with you. "Fun" doesn't begin to describe it - more like mind blowing, or in this case...Blogger blowing (tm)

  35. Great post. I love your humor, Eden, but I think you, and your vibrator, may have been too much for blogger to handle. I've wanted to invite you over to my blog, but I'm afraid you might crash blogger again. We may just have to risk it, though.



  36. Maxwell, I encourage everyone to host Eden for a spell -- at the very least it will force Google to improve their Blogger infrastructure to withstand the raw power of her charm, humor and talent. (Oh, and her vibrator)

    Still extremely irritated that over 20 comments were punted from this post -- to all you folks who happened to stop by and share your thoughts with Eden, thank you VERY much. It was unintentional that your comments were deleted. Blogger had an outage and when the Blog sites came back, many comments were simply gone.

  37. Max! Thanks for coming to see me now that the calm has returned to the Farthest Reaches. My vibrator is but the size of a flash drive that plugs into my laptop USB port. Do you really think this could have caused the Blogger crash?

    If so, then I promise not to have it with me if I am invited to your site. ;)


  38. If you plugged it into the USB drive, I'm surprised your computer didn't go down on you, Eden. The power of feminine peripherals. I'll add some surge protectors to my blog before you come.

    The blogger "repairs" were irritating,Jason. I didn't post anything until it cleared up, but some folks lost posts as well as comments. But I still like blogger better than anything else.



  39. Yeah, I feel for those bloggers who were affected in a more profound way than I. My posts seem to all be intact...but I look at older blog posts like money spent. It's gone, might as well forget about the eighty typos in them.

  40. J, Typos? You don't have typos, do you?

    Max, surge protection might be a wise idea. I can't be blamed for another crash.

    You two guys make me laugh ... who knew Blogger blowing up could be fodder for so much fun?


  41. I can get you surge protection unit that covers your whole house, every outlet, Max. You might want to take me up on this.

    Typos! Goodness, yes. I'm a terrible liine ediitor.

  42. Ha! Jason, all the comments got restored just in time for the world to blow up! How much rapture can one woman take?

    My life feels complete now. Thx for all the fun! Nice knowing you.

  43. This is rich, isn't it? Happy to see the comments restored. Not happy to bid adieu to you Eden nor to any of my fantastic new friends. I'll be holding your virtual hand as the clouds part and judgement falls from the heavens.

    Plus, I'll bring cake!


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