Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Ah. Food. (And an Award)

I've been bestowed the "The Irresistibly Sweet Blog" Award by fellow blogger, author, and wonderful person S.B. Poscente. Check out her awesome digs here.

That cake looks so good but I'm an hour or two out from lunch so I'll stop licking my monitor. I suggest you do the same. But, S.B. is right when she said, "Doesn't that make your mouth water?"

Here's a great big THANK YOU to S.B. who I shall forever think of as "Po" for throwing me in with her lot, and with those that she admires. She likes it in the Reaches, hey? She has GOT to get out more.

The rules for this award are simple, just like me:

1) Thank and link to the person that nominated you.
2) Share 7 random facts about yourself.
3) Pass the award to 15 of your blogging buddies.
4) Notify the recipients.

I have 15 blogs that I think deserve the Irresistibly Sweet Blog Award. In short, I think these blogs are excellent, full of knowledge, good guests and exceptional insight.

In no particular order, my winners are:

Bookish by Evie
Genna Sarnak
Maria Savva
Darcia Helle
Eden Baylee
Ann Mauren
Heidi David
Lorna Suzuki
Berit Ellingsen
L.M. Stull
Al Boudreau
Imran Siddiq
Katie M. John
Kristie Cook
Paul Mansfield Keefe

Seven random facts about me:

1. I'm forgetful. If I don't take copious notes, you will not get paid. Get stuff in writing from me.
2. I wear pants; contrary to web reports.
3. I don't wear shorts -- no matter how hot it is.
4. I did not try sushi until my late twenties; now I like it so much I dream of it.
5. No one knows my middle name; not even my wife.
6. I like logos. A lot.
7. I design all my own book covers. It is a joy for which I do not have appropriate words.

Congrats to all the winners and another big thanks to S.B. Poscente.

Or Po, as I call her. You know you like it, Po.


  1. Awww....thanks so much J.
    That is utterly delicious of you to include me in your esteemed group, however, where are YOUR 7 random facts.

    Come on now, inquiry minds want to know (ok, maybe just I want to know!).


  2. Busted! Wanted to get the list out and, be damned if I can think of seven things. Watch for them in the next half hour!

  3. Wow. I am totally honored. Thank you my dear. Seven random facts, eh? As if I haven't already exposed too much of my dirty laundry on the blog. Ah well, what's a few more humiliating details among friends.

    Also, you should know it's now my life's work to get your middle name out of you. ;)

  4. At least your life's work is not related to my pants. The interweb is far too interested in whether I'm wearing them or not.

    And, speaking of pants -- WE NEED MORE of Heidi's dirty laundry!

  5. Quite the nickname, J. I'll admit it, I think it's fantastic. (In a kung-fu loving fat panda king of way. Kung-Fu Panda, anyone?)
    I have a friend that is the opposite of you in the shorts department. He never wears pants. And we live in Alberta, Canada. It gets damn cold here. I've never seen him wear anything but shorts, though. You people are crazy.
    Also, sushi has got nothing on chocolate covered raisins!
    Your friend, Po.

  6. Aww, you're so sweet for NOT telling me to take a flying leap over the nick. I'll admit, I love the Kung Fu Panda movie and am stoked for the second one this summer.

    Rest assured, though, Po. I don't in any way equate you with Jack Black or a pudgy panda.

    I could have also mentioned that I do not own a pair of blue jeans. My family and friends all think I am nuts. The pants-wearing vs. shorts-wearing thing is purely aesthetic. No one needs to see my skinny white legs.

    I've never understood the shorts and sandals even when the temperature dips to frigid levels. This at the expense of feeling in your extremities? No thank you!

    Thanks for stopping in Po!

    (Funny aside. I actually coined this waaaaay back a week or two ago, but I've had problems getting my comments to stick on your blog -- several have gone missing. Thus, the 'fresh' feeling of the nickname. It's like I only thought of!)

  7. Aw, thanks so much, Jason! I love the random facts about you too! Your book covers are fantastic, so keep up the good work. I'm excited to check out the blogs of the others to see what they have going on. I know that if you like them, they must be great! :)

  8. Happy to put the other fine company in with your fine company, Genna! You'll likely enjoy many of the sites listed with yours but you might particularly enjoy "Bookish by Evie" as it's another book review site.

    Thanks for having such a rockin' blog, Genna!

  9. Awww thank you so very much for that! And I did not know you designed your own covers...very impressive! Thank you again and congrats to you. It is simply a pleasure knowing you. NOW, where's that cake!

  10. Lisa, your slice of the cake is on its way to you via Fedex. Do you think it'll make it okay?

    (Actually, not to be an obtuse editor, but it's MY pleasure knowing YOU!)

  11. Thanks so much for including my blog in your list, Jason! :) That's very kind, I'm honored.
    Your blog is one of my faves, too.

  12. Oh, Maria, the pleasure is mine! I love coming to your blog at Goodreads. So many good guests!

  13. You never wear shorts, Jason? I'm trying to work that out in my mind, as I'm sitting here with the sun beating in the window and the temperature hovering around 90. You know you can't simply toss that out there and not have me ask the obvious. Why not? Did you once wax your legs and the hair never grew back? Or your leg hair is prematurely grey? Wait, I've got it, you got really high one evening and wound up at a tattoo shop. You asked for Olive Oil and, instead of the cartoon character, the guy drew a bottle of oil on your leg. Am I close? :)

    Yeah, I know, that secret is staying somewhere safe alongside your middle name. Beware. Joel hands out random middle names along with lollipops.

    Thank you for the nomination! I shall do my best to live up to the recommendation and not embarrass you.

  14. I *really* like the olive oil story and will appropriate it into my own personal legend moving forward.

    To keep the tattoo covered, and instead of dorky shorts, I prefer a linen pant or a long, light-coloured satin one. I know, very Playboy mansion of me, isn't it?

    You have already lived up to the recommendation, Darcia -- Yours and many others on the list were an inspiration to me as I began my blog late last year.

  15. Ooh, linen pants. That fits the image of the elite writer. The satin ones require a matching smoking jacket. There you sit, looking all classy and reserved, while you calmly transfer all the madness in your mind through the keyboard and into a twisted tale.

  16. Thanks, Ellie!

    Darcia, you say "transferring all the madness in my mind." --> The funny (or scary?) thing is that all this stuff in my noggin seems perfectly calm and natural to me. Should we call the paddy wagon yet?


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