Sunday, April 3, 2011

In The Dark 2 - Another Reader Question

Ah, music. The light of my life. What would I do without it? I love music. Classic rock, pop, baroque, dance, techno, weird, ethnic. I love music.

Today's "In The Dark" segment has a fun, albiet brief look at music from my writerly perspective. Oh, and by the end, I'm sure someone will be calling me up and sharing news of my nomination for the "Hammiest Half-Ham Award" in cheeseball facial acting. I bet William Shatner would be proud.

If you have any questions you'd like answered (silly, serious or life-changing), drop 'em at me in the comments below or fire them off to me via Twitter (@JasonCMcIntyre). You can also send me an email at jason @ the (without the spaces).

I'm going to get working on my acceptance speech for the Ham Awards. I just know I'll win.


  1. Jason!
    "Full-on Fiver" to this as well! seriously enlightening as to what you DONT listen to...Now as far as what you DO listen to...very cool. I was however, expecting at least an honorable mention for my man clint mansell..
    Fabulous video my friend. keep doing the voodoo that you do...heh heh

  2. Full on Fiver!? Excellent! Now if only there was a site where you could rate my videos. Oh yeah! YouTube!

    Just kidding!

    Clint is awesome, but I only know his musical scores. If I listened to those while I wrote, I fear I'd be thinking about the scenes they are from and then it might affect the mental images I'm trying to conjure in my head. These days I have enough competing with those picture shows in this bald head of mine so I can't afford more. Heck, why do you think I shaved it? The hair was interfering with the limited brain wave activity.

  3. ooops! almost question..
    Jason, how do you transition from everyday Jason, *whatever that entails* to author? is there meditation involved? levitation? chanting? if so, how long does the transition take?

  4. Rock on, Kimba. I'll address your Q in an upcoming edition of "In The Dark". Be prepared. You might know even less about the answer after seeing the movie. That's just how I roll.

  5. Where's the heavy metal? The rap?

    Dude, I don't hear any Country going on here . .

    Than Ham award may be slightly dented.

    Loved the video though :)


  6. You're smart, Donna. You noticed right away that there is no metal, no rap and there is no country. Not in my head anyway. Exceptions on the country front are Johnny Cash and Emmylou Harris. As for heavy, well, the closest I come to metal would be Smashing Pumpkins' heavier stuff or bands like The Music and Zeppelin.

    For me, a melody and some interesting arrangement is really important to keep me interested in listening. Everyone's different, right?

    Besides, the video is under two minutes. It couldn't possibly be a true representation of all the music I listen to. Trust me, just like everyone else on earth, there's loads more!

    Thanks for watching and commenting, Donna!

  7. Okay, let me compose myself before I write this comment. Jason, you CRACK ME UP!
    So, what's wrong with Justin Timberlake's Sexyback? REAL men aren't afraid to get down, get sexy, and get their groove on - I can TOTALLY see you dancing to that - I know it. I just know it!
    You gave the most hilarious ham-hocked expression during that little bit. Where do I cast my ballot?

  8. Maybe one of these days I'll do a video Q and A that's totally legit. We'll keep waiting for that day.

    Eden, there's not a durn thing wrong with Timberlake or his Sexyback song. In fact, that guy's also becoming quite the actor as well.

    You'll notice a couple of things. 1. Dianne asked about music I listen to while writing so that's where I went with my answer. And, hey, I brought it back to the bread and butter so that means the production costs of the video are tax-deductible. Always thinking, that sly McIntyre fellow.

    2. I happened to have ALL the songs in the video on hand. Yes. I own them all. So, it stands to reason that I have, on occasion... "got my groove on" to some, if not all, of them. I'm not saying I did or did not. I'm saying it stands to reason.

    I will, however, go to the grave before I admit to "getting down" to the Dora the Explorer theme song.

  9. The Dora the Explorer show theme is not particularly good for getting your groove on, but the "We Did It" song they sing at the end of each episode is.

    Coincidentally, my word verification was "irietedi" which is very close to "Irritated I" - that pretty much sums up how I feel about my son's Dora enthusiasm.

  10. Haha, Tyler, thanks for stopping by. I love the Comedian Brian Regan's take on how "I'm The Map" was pitched at a Dora story meeting. Basically, a couple idiots in a room with no ideas just started singing, "I'm the map, I'm the map, I'm the map, I'm the map, I'm the MAAAAAAAAAP!"

    I think you could probably argue that the "We did it" song was written in a similar fashion.

  11. I love this 'In The Dark' series :) Great idea, Jason! Love the facial expressions in this video :)
    Personally, I quite like that Divinyls song, brings back memories of the '90s. And, I quite like Timberlake's stuff too.

  12. Total hamminess, right, Maria!

    As for Divinyls and Timberlake, I own those tunes so I don't dislike them. But, seriously, can you imagine writing while those songs are blasting? Maybe if I was writing copy for Colbert's or Conan's show or something.


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