Monday, March 7, 2011

On The Gathering Storm // Audiobook is Available!

On The Gathering Storm
by Jason McIntyre
Narrated by Jeffrey Kafer
Running time: 6 hours, 15 minutes

For a sample, or to buy:

SpringBrook Audio

This is a creepy, eerie narration by Jeffrey Kafer. He pulls out all the stops with his performance, giving the characters and the landscape the power and raw, focused clarity they deserve. This production is top quality.

About the Book:
At 29, Hannah Garretty is pursuing her lifelong dream of being a paid photographer. But in a curl of circumstance, she’s snatched from her bohemian life on the island and vanishes into a forest lair where unspeakable things have happened…and will continue to happen.

As Hannah grapples with her captivity and the knowledge bestowed to her by a special gift, we catch glimpse of her past life, before the abduction, through the lens of her childhood on the mainland and the last time she came face to face with her own mortality. The story is visceral and powerful, exploring the duality of our consuming lives versus our feeling lives, our purpose in being, and whether there is a scrap of light in anything as dark as Hannah’s ordeal.


  1. I just loaded the audiobook of On The Gathering Storm into my iPod and it sounds amazing! I'll be listening primarily at work while I run reports and do busywork that doesn't require interaction with others. That being said, I'm actually looking forward to the upcoming work week for once! :)

    I loved this novel and I can't wait to experience it in a new way like this!

  2. And, quite frankly, Ann, after listening to some of my material being read out loud in this fashion it's doubtful you'll be able to meaningfully interact with others...ever again, perhaps. Doubles as a "How To Be A Sociopath" training manual. They're using it in schools.

  3. That was good audio. Jeffrey has a good voice for it. My job interacts with people all the time, and then my kids are a distraction at home. But my brother is a truck driver and he'll probably enjoy the tape.


  4. Very cool, Donna. Thanks for your comment and I hope your bro enjoys it.

  5. I think Jeffrey Kafer did a fabulous job reading this amazing book. I found the audio to be a bit more disturbing than reading it..It seemed to take me a little longer to shake the bleak feeling after hearing it. Of course this story creates such intense emotional responses it stands to reason that it is magnified hearing the words aloud...I just didn't realize how much. Great job, Jeffrey, reading one of my favorite McIntyre books!

  6. Thanks for the kind words about the audiobook, Kimba. I agree. Jeffrey Kafer did a top-drawer performance. He is el creepo perfection as "Mr. Mean Man" -- No doubt in my mind. His reading makes the intensity and bizarro nature of the story all the more real. I got goosebumps listening to it... and I wrote the bloody thing!

  7. HA! that's pretty awesome when you give yourself goosebumps! ROCK ON, Word Warrior...

  8. That's just how eerie the reading came off! Kudos to Kafer on that.


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