Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Thank You Sony Readers!

Since September, my books and stories have been downloaded thousands of times. Many (most) have been freebies, but that doesn't change the fact that a whack of people have been reading and enjoying what I've been writing. As a writer whose job it is to entertain and inform and have people be satisfied with the book they've read, this thrills me. I'm filled with hope to keep producing stories and each time I sit down at the keyboard to fill my daily word quota, the fire burns a little brighter with each download and each review.

One group I want to highlight and thank today is all the wonderful readers who have found my stories at the Sony Reader Store. In all honesty, I don't know if my book was featured somewhere on the site or if it just picked up steam through word of mouth and my efforts on blogs and social networking sites.

In the last four months, Sony Readers have downloaded "On The Gathering Storm" and "Shed" and my two short novelettes "The Night Walk Men" and "Road Markers" several thousand times. And, since Sony partnered with, all of the great reviews for my books are getting shuttled over there and added to the in-house Sony reviews.

Have a look at my stories on Sony's Reader Store.

Thank you to these readers --to ALL my readers so far-- for your support, your reviews and for getting in touch with me personally. It is truly gratifying to know that my words have been a part of your life, even in some small way.


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