Thursday, February 3, 2011

Something Borrowed, Something Blue

Well, the serial portion of THALO BLUE has come to an end. By the look of the stats, it was a raging success. The thirteen THALO posts garnered over 4,000 visits in December and January. I thank all of you for taking a look, sharing your comments and, well, reading the story as it began to unfold.

For those of you who are hooked, there are two ways to keep reading:

1. The book is going to have its official launch in the coming weeks but it's out at Smashwords and Amazon in the meantime.

2. I want to show my appreciation for my new followers and readers and supportive chaps by giving away two copies of the book to anyone who follows my blog. I'll hold off on drawing the names from the pool of followers until Friday, February 11, 2010 -- to allow any new followers to come on board. I'd love to see your name and picture on my home page; it makes me all warm and fuzzy inside.

(Many of you are now wondering, "Is this guy capable of 'warm and fuzzy' after he killed ALL those people in THALO BLUE?!")

How do you do it? Click the "Follow" button near the top of the right-hand column, next to all those other little squares with peoples' pictures in them. You can use a number of credentials from your existing accounts. If you're on Blogger or have an iGoogle account, you can also follow from your Blogger dashboard by typing in

So, join up here at my blog, venture over to Amazon, or just chill with a cup of blueberry tea (that's what I'm doing at the moment).  And I'll see you out there in The Reaches!

j. //


  1. Well, I for one am hooked and will be keeping my fingers crossed that I win a copy! Otherwise I'm heading over to Smashwords to continue reading about poor Sebastion! I can't stay in suspense forever LOL!
    Good luck with the launch, Jason, and thanks for keeping me entertained with the online serial :)

  2. Glad to hear it, Maria! As always, it's wonderful to have your support!


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