Saturday, February 5, 2011

Help Support Local Charity for Abused Women

Here's what I'm doing: Until March 1st, my book, "On The Gathering Storm" is being sold at Amazon for 99 cents. Since the book deals with women's issues, and specifically violence towards women, ALL my profits from these sales will go to a local CHARITY FOR ABUSED WOMEN AND CHILDREN.

All of it. No question.

For the security of the women and children it benefits, the charity will not be named here but know that they WILL receive the funds.

How can you help? Tweet this post, drop it on Facebook or mention it to your friends.

Then buy the book.

Your cash, though a small amount at only 99 cents, will pool together and hopefully add up to a sizeable donation. Tell your sisters, your moms, your co-workers, your friends. Share the link with anyone you love or think would appreciate it.  I will be very excited to write out a check at the end of this with the pooled proceeds. Our collective effort might offer hope or support for even just one woman.

My thanks to all of you for YOUR support and a very special thank you to author Ann Mauren for the inspiration.


  1. I really appreciate your generosity and willingness to help such an important cause. I hope your initiative will raise awareness of the serious problem of abuse of women and children and that lots of kind-hearted folks will pitch-in to assist those who need it so much. The ones who do will get a double reward: Feeling good about doing a good deed AND getting your awesome novel 'Storm' too!

    Thanks j!

  2. Ms. Mauren, you are the epitome of grace and stature. It was your idea to help out a cause and I just took it that one step further and connect the dots between my story and the charity which will find some benefit -- in this case, a local organization dedicated to helping victims of violence.

    Hopefully I can figure out more ways to get the word out and raise as much cash for them as I can in the next while. Thanks!


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