Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Tids of Bit

The Indie Books Holiday Giveaway Event begins NOW! All through the month of December, Darcia Helle at Quiet Fury Books is hosting the giveaway and everyone is free to enter.

I'm sponsoring 25 prizes of my book, On The Gathering Storm, but much more importantly are the prizes being donated by loads of other authors -- all of them so fantastic in their genres.

Seriously. If you like reading and want to discover some intriguing new talent, check out this giveaway!

(Hurry! The giveaway event ends on December 31!)

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Joel Blaine Kirkpatrick is not only senior to me in years (and not by many of them, truth be told) but he is also senior to me in a great many earthly pursuits. One of them is knowing people. He's gotten to know me very well over the last weeks, through my tweets and blog posts and a few email exchanges. He has read my novel, On The Gathering Storm, and liked it. His review is one of the trippiest (and best) I've ever received. The man known as JBK out there in the nethers of the web was, for all intents, inside my novel. And he, like few others, have been able to describe the essence of being there.

Joel interviewed me recently and the result, along with many of his simultaneously verbose and concise (?!) thoughts are encapsulated in his current Featured Author article. I invite you to check it out, leave a comment for Joel, and tell him what a service he's doing for indie authors of all shapes and sizes. The man needs applause. (He craves it.)

But he also deserves it.


  1. You were a pleasure to read, Jason. I only tried to honor your energy and your love of text. Talking a bout a good book, like yours, is more fun than talking about my own. :)

  2. What an incredibly generous thing to say, Joel. I should be getting used to you saying generous things, by now. ;)

  3. I haven't read ANY of your books, J-man, but I'm totally with Mr. Kirkpatrick on this. ;)

  4. Well, hopefully THALO BLUE will be enough to entice you, Rima (Fiction Chick). I think it's going to be a catastrophic kind of fun to have readers come along for the ride!


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