Thursday, December 2, 2010

THALO BLUE // Web Serial Starts MONDAY!

I've been hard at work prepping my next novel to become a web serial.

That's right. You read it correctly.

THALO BLUE, Book One is going to begin rolling out here on THIS page on MONDAY as a web serial.  Please check back to see when it lands. I want to share this one with everyone and get as much traction as I can with it. Dare I say, it's the best thing I've written?

So, what's it about?

A young man on the brink of true adulthood experiences the trauma of his life when a trespasser breaks into his home. Sebastion Redfield and the psychiatrist assigned to help him recover from the break-in begin to unravel a more disturbing truth about his ordeal: that someone or some thing has been hunting him.

Bit by bit, we'll learn about Sebastion Redfield and his personal curse, his burning need to become what he considers a 'real' artist and whether the thief in the night will finally be able to possess what he's been after for so long.

That's right, readers, it all begins this MONDAY! Check it out. 9:00 AM sharp. Hope you enjoy the read!

Coming SO soon, it's scary. And I mean that in more ways that one... ;)


  1. WOOHOO! This is going to be fun. I promise. :)

  2. Absolutely, Rima!

    For those who don't know, my web serial of THALO BLUE is a fun challenge and partnership with Fiction Chick (Author, R.L. Jean). Her novel, Liberi is also beginning as a web serial on Monday on her website:

    It's a sequel to her wildly popular web serial, The Noble Pirates, which tells the story of Sabrina, a modern gal transported back to the 1700s where she experiences danger and excitement with the notorious bad boy pirates of the age. Liberi promises more of the same kind of swashbuckling pirate adventure, I'm certain of it!

  3. So what exactly is a web serial? Is that where you post chapters of the book every week?

    Also, did you know that Blogger allows you to host your blog on your own domain name? I noticed that you have the domain name but it redirects to your blogspot domain.

  4. Hey, Daria! Yes, a serial is chapters of the story posted every so often. I'm leaning towards two posts per week -- Probably Mondays and Thursdays. But I'll let any readers who have an opinion about that schedule share it with me. I'm open to change.

    Yes, Blogger definitely allows one's own domain name. I wasn't entirely sure I'd stick with Blogger and considered Tumblr and Wordpress so I didn't bother switching to my custom domain. I will! Some day when I have five minutes free!

  5. Cool. I can't wait until Monday.

    I know how that is. I'm in the process of moving from WordPress to my own domain. Hopefully next week :)

  6. Right on, Daria! I wish you luck with that...I keep getting grief for not using WordPress. Some people compare it with the Mac vs. PC debate. :)

  7. Yes, Mark: Eternally so. :)

  8. Hey J, nice new look to the site! Really exciting idea, posting your novel as a serial. It has a great beginning! I'm also looking forward to reading Rima's sequel. Loved the first book. I'm sure this will be a lot of fun. :)

  9. Hey B.! Yeah, a fresh lick of paint. Shades of blue. Y'know. Gotta redecorate the ol' homestead once in a while.

    It's going to be fun doing the serial thing side by side with Rima. You already know she's an expert.

    Thanks for stopping in!


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