Wednesday, August 4, 2010

New Short Story: "Road Markers"

A new short story called "Road Markers" has been published at Smashwords. As with "On The Gathering Storm" this one is available in all the popular e-reader formats, plus PDF and text files for those of you that would like to read on a laptop or personal computer...or if you want to print off your copy and climb into the bathtub to do your reading.

So. What's it about?

It's always precarious for a writer to try and "sell" his own work with a description but here's a synopsis I feel sums it up relatively well.

Dean is a forty-something sales rep for a company that ropes small, mostly blue-collar firms into long term cellphone plans. Heading home from a bad meeting, he begins to see evidence that he can will things to happen just by thinking about them. But will this tantalizing realization lead him to cross the line for good? 

The story is a short musing on the idea that we can influence our lives and those around us. How much influence do we have on whether we get that new job, date the pretty girl, or hit it big in the stock market? And if we truly had enough power to dictate what would happen in the world around us, would we use such a power for simple gains or would we let our desires get out of hand?

Oh, did I mention that "Road Markers" is free?

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