Thursday, August 5, 2010

New Novella: "Shed"

I've published a new e-only novella at Smashwords, entitled "Shed".  The story takes place in 1974 on a small island off the coast of Washington State in the Gulf Islands.  Two young brothers, Simon and Rupert, experience a turmoil like no other when their Mama marries a new man, Everett. He is an abusive and domineering presence in an age and place where wives still feel compelled to need and stay with a husband no matter what.

To perpetuate the boys' problems, many of the island town's residents have been disappearing and Simon, the older brother of the story, has some knowledge about what may be happening to them...because it may be happening to him.

The story is classed as a novella because it's shorter than a feature-length novel like "On The Gathering Storm", but it's a heftier read than "Road Markers" another recent short story of mine.  By all means, have a read, and let me know what you think!

Almost forgot. "Shed" is free for download in all the major e-reader and pc-friendly formats.

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