Monday, July 12, 2010

Novel Now Available on Apple iPad and iPhone 4

Smashwords offers "On The Gathering Storm" and tons of other ebooks on their website in the appropriate format to read on your iPad, iPhone 4, Palm, Nook, Kindle and Sony Reader devices but now my novel is also available right on Apple's iBookstore on the iPad and iPhone 4 devices. So get your iPhone updated to the latest software and download the free iBooks app to get your copy of the book!

If you're a new reader, I'd love to know how you feel the book reads on your iPhone or iPad.  Do you think it takes advantage of the full colour presentation and the new-fangled "Retina Display" that Apple is bragging about?

Update: A co-worker has an iPad and, this morning, he was generous enough to purchase the novel and show me how it looks and reads. I must say that it is rather impressive to see my story come to life on the iPad platform.

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