Thursday, July 8, 2010

J Goes To The Movies

Loves me some movies.  But, unfortunately, this summer has been an absolute gas at the theatre.  Very few of the current offerings interest me and nothing is getting great reviews.  I was totally revved to see "The Last Airbender" a film by M. Night Shyamalan, but it is getting reamed by the critics and public alike.  After his first few films blew me away with their originality and story-telling style, he's had a couple of real duds in a row and everyone seemed to be holding their breath that this one would break his bad streak and show off his talents once again.  Now, I will reserve judgement on the film until I've actually seen it for myself but based on the bad buzz, I won't rush out for it.

(I still remember being on a holiday out of town and rushing to the local theatre to see "Lady in the Water" the day it came out because M. Night's flicks had been elevated to the automatic "see-at-all-costs" stature for me based on his previous efforts. I hadn't read a word about the movie, nor had I seen any ads or trailers because I didn't want anything spoiled.  Well, twenty minutes into the blasted thing, I wanted to actually get up and leave the theatre.  Part of me still wishes I had.)

Christopher Nolan, another director I admire, has a film coming out on July 16 called "Inception" and this one is getting nothing but positive buzz.  I must say I'm on the bandwagon with this one and I will be avoiding all pictures, reviews, trailers and such regarding it and seeing it the first week it arrives.  I've been a Nolan fan since his first indie film, "Following" and his bigger indie film "Memento".  He's had other mainstream films like "Insomnia", "The Prestige" and of course, his Dark Knight films which are, if I'm not mistaken, some of the most successful films of all time.

The second Twilight film was so bad that I couldn't even get through it so I won't be seeing the third or any subsequent ones.  I'm not it's target audience so I won't be too sad to miss it.  The first Danish film based on Stieg Larsson's Millenium Trilogy, "The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo" is queued up at home but I just haven't found the time to give it my full attention yet.  It's waiting for an evening when absolutely nothing else calls for my attention.

I love tearjerkers, thought-provokers, and adrenaline-pumpers.  I'm a big fan of movies of any kind, age or genre.  But, please tell me.  Are there any other summer movies that I absolutely need to see?

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