Wednesday, April 24, 2019

New Collection // Pre-order Now // Cover Reveal

I haven't published a collection of stories since 2011. And I haven't published anything at all in over a year and a half. So here we are at the decision to share not only new stories and novellas, but to collect several that have appeared elsewhere in magazines or co-authored releases. The first is being revealed today, with a caveat: The collection isn't finished.

What? Well, I'm trying something novel. Ha, Dad Joke, sorry.

I'm calling this collection an "Expanding Edition." What that means is, during the pre-order and first few weeks' of release, the collection will include two new stories and one previously-published story. The new ones are TWO SHOTS IN A SHORT GLASS and ONE SIZE FITS ALL. And, friends, these aren't really *short* stories. They are more like novelettes or even novellas. They have a satisfying length but are likely readable in one or two sittings.

Where does the *expanding* part come in? It's fairly simple, believe it or not. The preorder price for the Amazon Kindle exclusive is 99 cents. Upon release that price will go up. But in a week or two, once I have finished edits and final revisions + author notes on another story/novella, it will be included in the Kindle edition. Readers who bought it at 99 cents can just hit the download button on their Kindle or Kindle App on any device and get the new edition with the new story -- but at no extra cost.

Each new story might see the cost for the collection go up a dollar or two. But if a reader likes my kind of storytelling, it's in that reader's best interest to fork out for the preorder or the release price, because they will get every story for no additional moola when each new story is added.

My intent is to include almost every scattered short story I've written over the last decade in this book plus at least 12 newly-published stories, some long, some a bit shorter.

Once all the stories have been included, a few friends may help identify any lingering typos, I may be able to do a few final corrections, and then I will lock down the collection and do a print version, possibly releasing the ebook edition on other platforms as well. It *might* take most of the summer to release almost two dozen stories with the proper, professional editing they deserve. Oh, and did I mention I intend to include 'author notes' for most, if not all, of the stories? I intend to talk a little about the meanings or inspirations for the stories. Some folks seem to like learning a little 'behind the scenes' info.

So, what this one called?


And here's the (actual) cover art. Stacey Roberts and Zoofster, I hope you like this one a bit better. Pre-order here today for only a buck, release date is MAY 28, 2019!

Thursday, October 18, 2018

BOXED // Flash Fiction

A flash fiction piece, entitled, BOXED:

Dreamed you we here. It was a beautiful fall day, much like yesterday and today’s promise. Blue sky, trees orange, grass still shocking green. Oddly, you were wearing my red coat from when I’d backpacked Europe at 21. Plus your own black shades. In your hand you carried a perfect antique crystal tumbler to hold a gin and ice. It was frosted against the warm day. You emerged from my back yard through the fence I’d built and were talking, as if picking up a conversation we had already begun. You said, “...But broken people aren’t worth a damn in this world. Everyone sees them as nothing but a costly burden.” I was wheeling my garbage bin out to the street. You said, “The world puts broken stuff in there,” gesturing to the bin with a slosh of your ornate glassware. Considering, I said, “That hurts my feelings a little. And it should hurt yours. You’re broken. I’m broken. And yet, here we are. Outside the box. Standing on our two legs, each.” Unseen in the distance, the garbage truck shifted gears and rumbled.

Tuesday, April 17, 2018

THALO BLUE - Available Now!

Today marks the re-launch of my second novel for its second edition. I couldn't be more excited to share it with you. It's the first time this lengthy novel is available in a trade paperback print edition, as well as all electronic formats for nearly every electronic book reader out there. This includes Kindle, Nook, iPad, iPhone, Android devices and most every other.

THALO BLUE is a warped, mind-bender of a character piece about a young man who has had one of the most unique gifts bestowed upon him: a second chance at life. Looking back as if his short life is flashing before his eyes, we get to see what has made him who he is. We also discover who might want to take everything away and why.

The official synopsis:

Sebastion Redfield's home is breached by a trespasser in an explosive confrontation early one winter morning. In the aftermath, Sebastion begins to unravel a more disturbing truth about the attack: that someone or something has been hunting him. His ordeal is not over. 
Sebastion may be the only person alive able to challenge the mysterious "thief." This figure is unstoppable, even by death it seems, and he wants something that only Sebastion possesses. Now, to save his own life, he and a mysterious new ally must dredge up his dark, painful past for clues as to who or what the relentless thief may be. 
What begins in the Redfield home during that icy face-off carries their terrifying dance across a city and a continent, across the decades of Sebastion's life, and even into the impossible depths of his afterlife. 
Part literary noir, part mystery, and part horror, THALO BLUE is touted as "Jason McIntyre's most complex, multi-layered, and disturbing work" to date.

Get a signed copy from me by sending me an email...

jasoncmcintyre [ at ] gmail [ dot ] com

- or leave a comment on any of the posts here at the Farthest Reaches -

- or order the book here...

Print Paperback - Amazon (US) 
Print Paperback - Amazon (UK)


( more links coming soon as they come online )

Friday, January 12, 2018

Dovetail Cove Mosaic Novel Complete!

Okay, so, here's the deal. When I set out to write NINE novels and novellas in a mosaic patchwork designed to bring one giant tale to completion, it was daunting, crazy and foolish. And, yet, somehow I've done it.

Now all titles are available from the original plan. But don't worry! There is one more -- a final, stand-alone novel that will tie everything together.

These are the nine in the original mosaic. You can get them at the link below. And the tenth will shake everything up as a giant ending to the whole Dovetail Cove Saga. Thanks for reading!

All books available now > > > Amazon

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