Friday, March 21, 2014

Dread Arrives! (Uh, finally.)

The new book is out. It's a really fun read with a couple of great characters you'll root for. How do I know? Because I did as I wrote for them. They led me by the nose and all their fights and triumphs are their own.

Seriously, you'll dig this book -- even if you don't usually like scary stuff.

Oh, and it's the third book from the Dovetail Cove collection. You can read them in any order as they completely (and I mean completely) stand on their own.

But if you liked BLED or SHED, this one will nicely tie them together and build momentum for the next ones. You'll see what I mean.

Here's the official synopsis:

One year after the events of reader-favourites "Shed" and "Bled," we go back to the island for another startling tale, this time in the autumn of 1978.

"Dread" is the story of Mac and Dave McLeod, thirty-something bachelor brothers who are back in the tiny island town of Dovetail Cove after more than a decade away. They're here for a funeral, despite Mac's looming feeling that things aren't quite right in their childhood home, nor anywhere else across town. It doesn't take long for a mysterious visitor at the wake to embroil the McLeod boys and the island doc in a game of whodunit involving one of Police Chief Birkhead's unsolved files. Things get macabre when the boys discover a link to their parents in the mess. And the visitor who starts it all might just be a walking cadaver gone missing out from under the coroner's nose.

Get DREAD at:

Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Dark Fiction: Mercy And The Cat

Dark fiction. It's a genre I don't readily understand. Although, some readers insist I know it too well.  I dabble in whatever seems to suit the story and don't give too much credence to the spot on a bookshelf where something might sit.

I know, I know. Readers like to know what to expect. I grant that. Really, I do. But it's of more interest to me to tell a good and interesting story with believable characters than anything else.

That said, the new novella definitely fits the dark fiction genre. It could sit any number of places, really. It's a suspenseful yarn about a man who thinks he sees the world for what it is. In a way, he's like all of us, stumbling around in the dark until he comes across some bright point of light. It interests him for a while, and like a cat, he toys with it. What will be interesting, is to see how the toy plays with him.

Here's the official synopsis and cover. You can find the ebook here:

Amazon (US): Mercy And The Cat
Amazon (UK): Mercy And The Cat
Amazon (Canada): Mercy And The Cat
Smashwords: Mercy And The Cat
Barnes & Noble: Mercy And The Cat
Apple iBooks (US): Mercy And The Cat
Apple iBooks (Canada): Mercy And The Cat
Sony Reader Store: Mercy And The Cat
Kobo: Mercy And The Cat

Warning: mature content. Discretion advised.

A dark and mature suspense thriller from the mind that brought you WALKOUT and THALO BLUE.

In denial about his failing marriage, Dave Bolander cruises the nighttime world of Dow Lake campground, looking for a good time. When he happens upon some kids also on the hunt for a rush, all the excitement from Dave’s last beach summer comes flooding back. How delish, Dave thinks. How wonderfully delish.

Available at all online retailers.

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

The Night Walk Men: Corinthian

I'm pleased to announce the new short story, Corinthian. It's available now at Amazon and forthcoming at other online retailers.

This is a tale set in the Night Walk Men universe where such stories as Kro and The Devil's Right Hand have flourished. And, yes, where a few people have died horrible deaths. If you have enjoyed any of the tales involving Sperro and his brothers, you'll want to snatch up this tale of late-night woe.

Corinthian ties into The Devil's Right Hand by specifically focusing on the newest character in the universe, a mysterious blonde Walker named Corinthian.

Here's the synopsis:

For Geoff Saylor, woken in the middle of an ordinary week night, life is about to change. Geoff is a middle-class everyman. He works hard and is good at his desk job downtown. But evenings and weekends are spent with his family in the suburbs. He and his wife have been dreaming about making their middle-class lives just a little bit better. But Geoff is about to get a visitor who brings with him the terrible, bland smell of death. Hold tight. The Night Walk Men are afoot -- and the Saylors' dreams of a better life are put on shocking fashion.

Corinthian is now available on Amazon and coming soon everywhere else!

Monday, September 16, 2013

Maria Savva Launches Her Title, "3"

Author Maria Savva and I go way back. Well, as far back as a couple of years. We've even written a book together -- which was a blast and turned out far better than I think anyone expected. 

Knowing that Maria has a bit of a dark side to her writing of late, it might surprise you that she's down-to-earth and so genuinely thoughtful and nice. In fact, Maria bought me lunch once and didn't even flinch at how much I ate.

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